Lake Garnett Grand Prix Road Rally and Car Show

Mini-Reunion - July 24, 2004

In spite of the last minute planning and the bad weather, five class members made it to the car show. There were also three spouses and several members of classes in the years below and above us (I will let Terry supply that info because she knows them better than I do). A lot of activities were canceled because of the rain but there were a lot of great classic cars on display. I heard that the high temperature that day was a record low and I believe it.

I will add more more photos later but wanted to share some now. I didn't get a photo of Herb and Kathy Waring or Ron Wolken that turned out but I am hoping someone else got one (don't let anyone tell you that you can't get bad photos with a digital camera!) I am not going to try to arrange the photos neatly until I get the rest of them ready to put up.

old menu
This is the menu from the Camp Fire Girls booth that TerryC worked in during the races.

race painting
This painting was done by Genell's mother.

TerryC, MerleW, KayW
This is TerryC, MerleW and his wife Kay.

DennyD, GaryW, TerryC, MerleW
DennyD, GaryW, TerryC, MerleW