This file is about zoos and wild animals, including Buffalo, Camels, Coyotes, Deer, and Antelopes, Elephants, Foxes, Giraffes, Gnus, Hippos, Kangaroos, Llamas, Monkey, Ape and Gorilla, Moose, Rhinoceros, Wolves, Zebras, Zoos, and Big Cats.

Also see Miscellaneous Animals,Reptiles and Amphibians, Water Animals, and Bears and Teddy Bears.

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Songs about the Jungle

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Where the Buffalo Roam


Songs about Buffalo

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The Camel

(Ogden Nash)

The camel has a single hump;
The dromedary, two;
Or else the other way around.
I'm never sure. Are you?

Songs about Camels

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Songs about Coyotes

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Deer and Antelopes


chorus of Home on the Range

Home, home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

My Heart's in the Highlands

(Robert Burns)

My heart's in the Highlands,
my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands
a chasing the deer;

Chasing the wild deer,
and following the roe;
My heart's in the Highlands,
wherever I go.

Songs about Antelopes

Songs about Deer

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The Elephant Poem

(by Wayne Hepburn, placed in the Public Domain 11 Sep 1997)

Elephants are lovely guys,
They're good and true and tell no lies.
They don't take more than they can eat,
And always watch where they put their feet.

They don't play with electric wires;
I never have heard of them starting fires.
They live healthily, they don't smoke
An Elephant is a kindly bloke.

Elephants take care of their young,
And rarely speak with angry tongue.
When in school, they do not cheat,
They walk in lines which are quite neat.

They don't beat up on smaller folks,
Don't care if they're the butt of jokes.
They don't fret what to wear today,
Look simply splendid all in gray.

Super strong yet very nice,
They're really not afraid of mice.
I've tried and tried but I just can't
Find anything better than the Elephant.


(E. Richards)

Once there was an elephant
Who tried to use the telephunt--
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone -

(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I've got it right.)

However it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee.

(I fear I'd better drop this song
Of elephop and telephong!)

Holding Hands

(Leonore M. Link)

Elephants walking
along the trails
Are holding hands
by holding tails,
Trunks and tails
are handy things
When elephants walk
in circus rings.

Songs about Elephants

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Crazy Like a Fox


Songs about Foxes

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Mister Giraffe

(Geoffrey Lapage)

O Mister Giraffe, you make me laugh,
You seem to be made all wrong;
Your head is so high up there in the sky
And your neck is so very long
That your dinner and tea, it seems to me,
Have such a long way to go,
And I'm wondering how they manage to know
The way to your tummy below.

The Giraffe's Song

With a neck so long,
To hear his song,
You'll have to stay,
Around all day.
He begins his tune,
Just before noon.
And it comes out right,
About midnight!

Songs about Giraffes

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Remember . . . no gnus is good news.

The Gnu

(Hilaire Belloc)

G stands for Gnu, whose weapon of defense
Are long, sharp, curling horns, and common sense.
To these he adds a name so short and strong,
That even hardy Boers pronounce it wrong.
How often on a bright autumnal day
The pious people of Pretoria say,
'Come, let us hunt the______' Then no more is heard
but sounds of strong men struggling with a word;
Meanwhile the distant Gnu with grateful eyes
Observes his opportunity and flies.

Songs about Gnus

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(Patrick Barrington)

I had a hippopotamus: I kept him in a shed
And fed him upon vitamins and vegetable bread...
He frolicked with the Rector in a dozen friendly tussles,
Who could not but remark upon his hippopotamuscles.

The Hippo

The hippo should watch her weight.
It's not healthy to be fat.
But who would ever have the nerve
To tell a hippo that?

Songs about Hippopotamuses

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A Kangaroo

(Julie Holder)

A kangaroo
One afternoon
Jumped so high
It jumped over the moon!

It jumped so far
It jumped so high
It bumped its head
Upon the sky.

Down it fell
Spinning round
And bumped its bottom
On the ground.

Songs about Kangaroos

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The Lama

(Ogden Nash)

The one-l lama,
He's a priest.
The two-l llama,
He's a beast.
And I will bet
A silk pajama
There isn't any
Three-l lllama.

Songs about Llamas

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Monkeys, Apes and Gorillas

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(Use with photos of monkeys, monkey stickers or kids playing.)


Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped his little head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Four little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped her little head.
Papa called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped his little head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped her little head.
Papa called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

One little monkey jumping on the bed,
He fell off and bumped his little head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"Put those monkeys straight to bed!"

Songs about Apes

Songs about Gorillas

Songs about Monkeys

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Mooses Come Walking

(Arlo Guthrie)

Mooses come walking over the hill
Mooses come walking, they rarely stand still.
When mooses come walking they go where they will
When mooses come walking over the hill.

Mooses look into your window at night
They look to the left and they look to the right.
The mooses are smiling, they think it's a zoo
And that's why the mooses like looking at you.

So, if you see mooses while lying in bed
It's best to just stay there pretending you're dead.
The mooses will leave and you'll get the thrill
Of seeing the mooses go over the hill.

Songs about Moose

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A rhinoceros, rhinoceros.
Sometimes he makes a dreadful fuss.
He has a big horn on his nose.
He snorts and rumbles as he goes.
He's very long and very wide.
He has a very wrinkled hide.
He has big hoofs on his four feet.
We feed him grass and hay to eat.
A rhinoceros, a rhinoceros
Is surely not a pet for us.

The Rhinoceros

(Hilaire Belloc)

Rhinoceros, your hide looks all undone,
You do not take my fancy in the least;
You have a horn where other brutes have none;
Rhinoceros, you are an ugly beast.

Songs about Rhinoceroses

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Hungry Like a Wolf


Songs about Wolves

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The Zebra

Thank goodness for the zebra!
He's a special animal, you see;
For without the striped zebra,
What word would start with Z?

Songs about Zebras

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Page Toppers

Also use these with animal stickers on non-zoo pages.
i.e. A Day at the Zoo for kids being rowdy.


Zoo Fun

Beverly Qualheim, used with permission)

As we go walking through the Zoo
This is what we'll see,
Elephants and hippos,
And monkeys in a tree.

Tigers roaring loudly,
Giraffes who stand so high,
Dolphins swimming freely,
And parrots in the sky.

So let's all go walking,
Having fun the whole day through,
As we go on our field trip,
To the friendly city zoo.

The Zoo

At the zoo we saw a bear
He had long, dark fuzzy hair
We saw a lion in a cage.
He was in an awful rage.

We saw the big, long-necked giraffe,
And the silly monkeys made us laugh
But my favorite animal at the zoo
Is the elephant--how about you?

Songs about the Zoo

Songs about Menageries

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Big Cats

This section includes Cheetahs, Jaguars (aka cougars, pumas and mountain lions), Leopards, Lions, Panthers, and Tigers.

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Songs about Bobcats

Songs about Wildcats

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Songs about Cheetahs

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The Jaguar

(Ted Hughes)

The apes yawn and adore their fleas in the sun.
The parrots shriek as if they were on fire, or strut
Like cheap tarts to attract the stroller with the nut.
Fatigued with indolence, the tiger and lion

Lie still in the sun. The boa-constrictor's coil
Is a fossil. Cage after cage seems empty, or
Stinks of sleepers from the breathing straw.
It might be painted on a nursery wall.

But who runs like the rest past these arrives
At a cage where the crowd stands, stares mesmerized,
As a child at a dream, at a jaguar hurrying enraged
through prison darkness after the drills of his eyes

On a short fierce fuse. Not in boredom--
The eye satisfied to be blind in fire,
By the bang of blood in the brain deaf the ear--
He spins from the bars, but there's no cage to him

More than to the visionary his cell:
His stride is wilderness of freedom:
The world rolls under the long thrust of his heel.
Over the cage floor the horizons come.

Songs about Jaguars

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A leopard is a form of dotted lion.


(Carolyn Wells)

If, strolling forth, a beast you view
Whose hide with spots is peppered,
As soon as it has leapt on you
You'll know it is a leopard.

Songs about Leopards

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Quotes about Lions


Lion paced the jungle floor.
And then let out a mighty roar.
"My stomach's empty. What can I do?
I know what--I'll nibble on you!"

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the jungle
The mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight.

The Lion

(Mary Howitt)

When lion sends his roaring forth,
Silence falls upon the earth;
For the creatures, great and small,
Know his terror-breathing call;
And, as if by death pursued,
Leave him to a solitude.

Songs about Lions

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Panthers are also known as cougars, pumas and mountain lions.

Quotes about Panthers

The Panther

(Ogden Nash)

The panther is like a leopard,
Except it hasn't been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch,
Prepare to say Ouch.
Better yet, if called by a panther,
Don't anther.

Songs about Panthers

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Quotes about Tigers

The Tiger

(Cynthia Walters)

Orange and black,
Great big cat.
Four big paws.
Long sharp claws.
Through the jungle running,
Do you see her coming?
What a sight!
Will she bite?

Songs about Tigers

Some of the animal song titles came from Eric's Song Lists.

Some graphics on this site are from Public Domain Clip Art, Free Clip Art Library and Free Clipart Now.

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