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A Girl

(Allan Beck)

A girl is Innocence playing in the mud,
Beauty standing on its head,
and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

My Doll

Here is my dolly all tattered and torn.
Everyone loves her even though she is worn.
Her body is floppy and her hair is a mess,
But I love her dearly, and she loves me best!

What Really Matters

I have a doll from days gone by--
very worn and tattered.
But she was there for me to love
and that's all that really mattered.

My Dolls and I

In the dell of our garden,
my dolls and I take tea,
and days when I have raisins,
the catbirds dine with me.

The Doll Upon the Topmost Bough

(Vachal Lindsay)

This doll upon the topmost bough,
This playmate-gift, in Christmas dress,
Was taken down and brought to me
One sleety night most comfortless.

Her hair was gold, her dolly-sash
Was gray brocade, most good to see.
The dear toy laughed, and I forgot
The ill the new year promised me.

My Dolly

Hush, baby, my dolly,
I pray you don't cry,
And I'll give you some bread,
and some milk by-and-by;

Or perhaps you like custard,
or, maybe, a tart,
Then to either you're welcome,
with all of my heart.

She Was A Pretty Little Girl

(Ramon Perez de Ayala)

She was a pretty little girl,
They spoke to her with all tenderness,
And gave her sweet caresses.
This little girl had a doll,
The doll was very fair,
And her name without question was, Cordelia.

Once upon a time, this is how it was.

The doll, of course, did not speak,
She said nothing to the little girl.
"Why do you not talk like everyone else,
And say tender words to me?"
The little girl asked the doll.
The doll answered not a word.

The little girl, angry, flew into temper,
She threw the doll upon the floor,
And she stamped on it and broke it.

And then, by a miracle, before she died,
the doll spoke:
"I loved you more than anyone,
but I was not able to tell it."

Once upon a time, this is how it was.

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