A school is a building that has four walls--with tomorrow inside.

Also see School Days, Higher Education, Books and Libraries and Teachers.

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First Day of School Page Ideas

School Album Ideas

Each year list the things below.

Page ideas

End of the School Year Pages

(condensed from a handout by Sheri B. CMC)

Take a page (or piece of acid free paper) to school the last week to get signatures of teachers and friends.

Do the pages while the memories are fresh or make notes to use when you do the pages later.

Take a photo of the last day of school to compare to the first day of school photo.

Have the child write about or tell you about their favorite events from the year and the most interesting thing they learned.

Journal about their favorite subject, best friend, favorite field trips, funniest event, something they didn't like, etc.

Do something special each year to celebrate the start of summer--such as getting an ice cream cone after dinner.

School Album Ideas

School ABC's

(compiled by Denny Davis)

This list that is for primary, elementary and junior high. Also see the High School ABC List.

A - ABC's, achievements, activities, addition, alphabet, answers, appreciation, arithmetic, art, assembly, athletics, awards
B - backpacks, bake sales, band, baseball, basketball, bells, biology, birthday party, blackboard, book reports, books, buddies, bus, bus driver
C - cafeteria, calculator, calculus, calendar, carnival, chalkboard, championship, cheerleading, children, Christmas program, choir, class officers, classroom,, clothing, coloring, colors, computer lab, costumes, counting, crayons, creative, cross country crafts
D - dances, debate, desk, dictionary, division, drama, drawing
E - eighth grade, education, earth science, enthusiastic, essays, English class, Easter, encyclopedia, elementary grades, eraser, extra-curricular activities, effort, easel, eager, emergency drills, enrollment, exercise, excellent, excited, explore
F - first grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, first day of school, Fine Arts, fractions, fun, field day, French class, field trips, fabulous friends, fund raisers, football, facts, finger paint, flag, foreign language
G - grades, glue, globe, grammar, games, geography, golf, geometry, gym, graduation, great teacher
H - homeroom, honor roll, home economics, history, hair styles, homework, history, holiday, hangin' out, hall pass, handwriting, health, helper, homeroom
I - imagination, improvement, inquisitive, instructions, intelligent, interests, Internet, important, incredible, ink
J - janitor, joking around, journalism, Junior High, job chart, juice, jungle gym, June at last!
K - keyboard, kidding around, kids, kindergarten, knowledge, kudos
L - last day of school, laughter, learn, lessons, letters, library, listen, literature, lockers, lunch room, language, leader, listening, locker
M - mascot, math, middle school, Monday, multiplication, music, make-up test, memories, mid-terms, music
N - nap time, naughty, nervous, new kids, new clothes, nice, notebooks, notes, nouns, numbers, new teacher
O - obedience, observation, Open House, ordinary day, organized, outstanding, outside (recess), office
P - paper, parents, parent-teacher conference, parties, pen, pencils, penmanship, play, playground, plays, practice (band, sports, plays), principal, program, painting, perfect, physical education, pop quiz, projects, pumpkin farm
Q - quality, questions, queue, quizzes, quotient, quality time, quiet time
R - reading, recess, report cards, responsibility, room mother, ruler, rules, respect, rest rug
S - safety patrol, school , school days, school secretary, School's Out, science, second grade, seventh grade, sixth grade, soccer, social studies, softball, Spanish, speech, spelling, spelling bee, sports, spring break, student, Student Council, Student of the Week, study, substitute, subtraction, superintendent, school pride, school song, sharing, show and tell, sum, swings
T - teachers, teacher's aide, Teacher Appreciation Week, team, terrific teacher, test, TGIF, Thanksgiving, thinking, third grade, times tables, trophy case, trying, T-shirts, typing
U - unexplored, unforgettable, uh-oh!, unique, uppercase, useful
V - vacation (Christmas, Easter, summer, etc.), valedictorian, Valentine's, verb, very smart, videos, vocabulary, vowel
W - washing hands, water fountain, Webster's Dictionary, weekly reader, whispering, win, wisdom, wrestling, writing
X - eXcited, X-ellent, eXercise, eXperiences, Xerox copies, X-tra ___, Xtra credit
Y - yearbook, yell, yes ma'am, yippee it's Friday! you, you did it!, young
Z - zany, zealous, zero, zillion reasons I like school, zzzz's (nap time)

Also include - school name, teachers names, friends names, school song, specific classes, etc.

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