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A Special Teacher

Teachers come and go
but every so often one comes along
that you'll always remember
one who makes learning an adventure . . .
and who can still remember
what it's like to be young
and growing up . . .
the kind who can make you
want to be the very best you can be . . .
Someone you can really talk to,
who really cares
what happens to you . . .

That person is YOU!


(Sharon Harper Sampson)

I bet you've tied a million shoes
and dried a million tears
and given out a million hugs
as a teacher, through the years.

In my child's life, the role you've played
has been a priceless part
and your must know the special place
You hold in my child's heart.

from Poems for Posterity

Here I am
with my kindergarten teacher.
I'd give her a hug,
but I can't reach her.


I dreamed I stood in a studio,
And watched two sculptors there.
The clay they used was a child's mind,
And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools used,
Were books and music and art.
One, a parent with guiding hands,
A gentle and loving heart.

Day after day the teacher toiled,
With a touch both deft and skilled.
The parent labored side by side,
And all the values filled.

And when at last their task was done,
They looked at what they'd wrought.
The beautiful shape of the precious child,
Could neither be sold nor bought.

And each agreed it would have failed,
If one had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school,
And behind the teacher, home.

       2 teach is
     + 2 touch lives
       4 ever


It takes a special person
to be a great teacher.

Thank You, Teacher

T hank you for your
E agerness to teach
A nd
C are for our children,
H elping us in
E ducating them to be
R esponsible, respectable people

Teacher's ABC

(Tricia Stoddard)

A is for the Abundance of questions and yearning
B is for the Beauty I
C in your learning
D is for Doing it over til it's right
E is for the Effort you pour into learning each night
F is for watching how Far you can go
G is for watching you blossom and Grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for Imagination, for the courage to try
J is for Joy in touching a child's life in a meaningful way
K is for the Kindness children bring to each day
L is for the Love of teaching we see
M is for the "Me" you're helping me to be
N is for Never being too weary to stay
O is for Overcoming the desire to stray
P is for the Positives you bring to each
Q is for showing the Quintessential way to teach
R is for the ability to power and Reason
S is for teaching to appreciate each Season
T is for Touching those that sit before you
U is for Understanding their fear of what's new
V is for the Vitality you bring to every day
W is for every Wonderment you bring their way
X is for the Xtra Special Teacher that You've become
Z is not for the Zoo--but the wonderful job that you've done!

Teacher's ABC's--another version

A is for the abundance of questions and yearning
B is for both inward and outward beauty
C is for creative learning
D is for doing it over 'til it's right
E is for the effort you pour into preparing each night
F is for watching how far we can go
G is for seeing us blossom and grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for imagination, for the courage to try
j is for joy in touching a child's life in a meaningful way
K is for kindness you bring children each day
L is for the love of teaching we see
M is for the "me" you're helping me to be
N is for never being to busy to pray
O is for overcoming our desire to stray
P is for the positives you bring to each
Q is for the quintessential way to teach
R is for your willingness to give us a reason
S is for teaching us to appreciate each season
T is for touching those that sit before you
u is for understanding our fear of all that's so new
V is for the vitality you show each day
W is for every wonderment you bring our way
X is for the extra-special teacher we see
Y is for our sense of yearning to be, and
Z is for the big "yahoo" sent from your very own "zoo"!

Teacher's Album Title Poem

 (by Kathy M., revised by Sandi H.)

This album with its love
Is sent with thanks to you
For the ways you show you care
And the things you say and do.

You take your time with your students,
Molding minds so patiently.
You instruct by your example,
Giving your heart unselfishly.

You look at all your students
Through the eyes of tenderness.
You see each one's potential
And chances for success.

This album is a keepsake,
And I hope it will convey
The gratitude that's felt
For your care in special ways.

This album comes with a message,
Words seldom expressed.
You're wished life's greatest joys
And every happiness.

Note: Put one line of the poem on each page of an album. Print the words on cement paper, and mat with red gingham. Decorate with red gingham apple die-cuts (make stems with a pen). Mat the kids' photos on evergreen paper and have them sign their name on their page with pencil to trace later with a black pen. (Sherri)

Poem for a Teacher's Scrapbook

(Donna in MB adapted this to give with a pre-decorated sentiments album.)

This school year's nearly over,
Many thanks for all you do
This gift will make it easy
To record it for review.

Choose your favorite photos
Then remove the plastic sheet,
Peel up the blue tabs then
Place your picture, neat!

Add some special memories,
Of moments dear to you,
Slide on the plastic once again,
That's all you need to do!

This album is our thank you,
We know how much you care
We hope you will remember,
A year beyond compare.

To My Teacher

A substitute for working moms,
she comforts, pampers, soothes and calms.
With all the love she has to share,
She's great to have when mom's not there.

She loves to rock a fussy child,
corrects the one who gets too wild.
She hears her share of tearful pleas,
and comforts those with skinned up knees.

With little children she plays a peek,
for bigger ones it's hide-and-seek.
She is an expert at each game,
but somehow loses just the same

She helps them learn the alphabet,
and gives them hugs when they're upset.
She is a true and trusted friend,
who helps them learn and play pretend.

Although she's paid, it's plain to see,
She serves them with a love that's free.

On Being a Teacher

(Emma Brown)

A careful teacher I want to be
A little girl follows me
I do not dare to go astray
For fear she'll go the selfsame way

I cannot escape her eyes;
Whatever she sees me do, she tries;
Like me she says she's going to be
The little girl who follows me.

She thinks that I am good and fine
Believes in every word of mine;
The base in me she must not see
The little girl who follow me.

I must remember as I go
Through summer's sun and winter's snow,
I am building, for the years that be,
For that little girl who follow me.


I saw tomorrow marching by
on little children's feet
Within their forms and faces
read her prophecy complete.

I saw tomorrow look at me
from little children's eyes
And thought
how carefully we'd teach
If we were truly wise.

Poem for Last Page of a Teacher's Album

No more students
No more tests
I finally have
Some time to rest.

I Will Be Good

I will not yell in class.
I will not throw things.
I will not get mad.
I will be good
Because I'm the teacher.

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