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The last thing the Web needs is another website with musician's birthdays. However, I wanted one with musicians that mean something to me - mostly country and 50s and 60s. I also wanted to include backup singers, band members, session musicians, songwriters, and others who are so important but who often get little recognition. At first I had links for most entries. However, it was time consuming to keep updating them so now I just remove broken links.



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20 Nov 1877 - The first sound recording, made of wax cylinders, was demonstrated by Thomas Edison.

19 Feb 1878 - Thomas Alva Edison patented a music player that he called a 'speaking machine'. Eventually, it evolved into the modern phonograph.

23 Nov 1889 - The first jukebox was demonstrated in a restaurant in San Francisco. It was called a 'nickel-in-the-slot-machine'. Several years later, and after many improvements, it was renamed 'jukebox'.

1901 - The first ten-inch 78-RPM record was sold.

17 Sept 1931 - RCA introduced a long-playing record, however the material they were made from proved not to be durable so production was stopped in 1933.

June 1948 - The first vinyl 33 1/3 rpm LP (long playing) record was introduced by Columbia records. It had 25 minutes of music per side compared to 4 minutes per side on the old 78 rpm records.

31 March 1949 - The Radio Corporation of America (aka RCA Victor) introduced a new 7-inch, 45 rpm phonograph record. The 45 immediately became popular. RCA also manufactured a record player that played only 45s.

31 March 1949 - The first 45 issued was Eddy Arnold's "Texarkana Baby" with "Bouquet of Roses" on the flip. As with most of early 45 releases, both songs had already been hits in the 78 format.

4 Jan 1950 - RCA Victor announced they would manufacture long-playing (LP) record albums.

1958 - The first stereo record was released.

1983 - The CD was introduced. A CD can hold 70 minutes of music, about as much as fifteen 45's.

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