This file includes Occupation ABC List, Occupations, Accountants, Anthropologists, Architects, Geologists, Plumbers, Realtors, Sales, Scientists, and songs about business and occupations.

Also see Business Humor, Money and Finance, History of Labor Day, and the Work section.

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A Boss or a Leader

(Russell H. Ewing)

A boss creates fear, a leader confidence.
A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes.
A boss knows all, a leader asks questions.
A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.
A boss is interested in himself or herself, a leader is interested in the group.

Thank You to Employees

The key to success is doing;
The key to happiness is to have done it.
Thank you for your time, talent and dedication to our (project, company, etc.)

Occupation Clipart

There are many places to find clipart that you can copy or scan and use like die-cuts. Look at trade publications, newsletters, manuals, etc. that have to do with the occupation.
Also programs from conventions, the yellow pages, newspaper ads, coloring books, etc. Make color copies of things like badges and patches. It is my understanding that as long as you are using the things in your personal albums copyrights should not be a problem.

Occupation Page Ideas

Look at other layouts with an open mind. A travel layout with a road made using the wavy rule could be used for truck drivers, bus drivers, etc. A piano keyboard layout for a recital could be used for musicians. Many vacation ideas would work for pilots, travel agents, etc.

Shame on People Who Have to Work

(Jan Roe - 1979)

(note--the city is considering requiring persons who are able to work, but do not hold jobs, to pick up litter in return for receiving food stamps . . . but critics of the plan insist it is demeaning to the participants)
I've suffered my humiliation in silence long enough. It's time I spoke out.
I have decided it is demeaning for me to have to work for a living.
Why should I, and other middle-class Americans, be persecuted simply because fate has kept us from becoming rich? It's embarrassing enough to need money. It's worse to have to work for it.
I didn't choose to be middle-class, you know. I was born that way. And now everyone sees me slaving away to earn my living . . . and they know I'm not independently wealthy. I feel ashamed.
Sure, I'd like to be a big $100,000-a-year executive. I could run General Motors . . . if I just had the training, the opportunity and the government support. I could probably run Chrysler Corp. too . . . but I have my pride.
Like the majority of middle-class Americans, I'd be willing to work at an honorable job that provided me dignity and self-respect. But society has no right to expect me to work at a job that is not glamorous and exciting and dignified . . . just to make money.
Can you imagine how it feels to know people are saying about you: "He has to work for a living."
I'm warning you that--if you continue to make me work--you'll strip me of any shred of self-respect I may yet possess. And if, in desperation, I turn to a life of crime, the fault will be yours, not mine.
And here's one last warning . . .
If you're not careful, you will establish a dangerous precedent.
The concept that one must work to earn one's money could possibly catch on in this country. And it could spread until, one day, every able-bodied person would be expected to work for a living.

Sounds downright un-American, doesn't it?


What is Two and Two?

A business man was interviewing applicants for the position of divisional manager. He devised a test to select the most suitable person for the job. He asked each applicant, "What is two and two?"
The first interviewee was a journalist. His answer was "Twenty-two."
The second applicant was an engineer. He pulled out a slide rule and showed the answer to be between 3.999 and 4.001.
The next person was a lawyer. He stated that in the case of Jenkins v Brown, two and two was proven to be four.
The last applicant was an accountant. The business man asked him, "How much is two and two?" The accountant got up from his chair, went over to the door and closed it then came back and sat down. He leaned across the desk and said in a low voice . . . "How much do you want it to be?"
He got the job.

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You Might be a Geologist if...

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A Good Sign

A realtor was upset when he saw another real estate business had opened up next to him and put up a sign that said "best agents". He was even more upset the next week when yet another real estate business opened on the other side of him and put up a sign that said "lowest commissions". The third week he topped them both by putting up a sign that said "main entrance".

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Occupation Files

There are many files on this site with info related to specific occupations. Some of them are Author, Aviation, Carpentry, Computers, Engineering, Farming, Firefighting, Gardening, Hair Styling, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Military, Ministry, Politics, Teaching, and Volunteering. For things not listed go to the top of the page and either click on 'home' and do a search or click on 'index'.

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Occupation ABC's

A - accountant, actor, actuary, acupuncturist, administrative assistant, administrator, aeronautical engineer, agriculture sales, Air Force, air traffic controller, aircraft maintenance engineer, aircraft mechanic, airline pilot, ambulance driver, anthropologist, appraiser, archaeologist, architect, archivist, armed forces, Army, artist, astronaut, astronomer, athlete, attorney, audiologist, auditor, author, auto body repair, auto mechanic
B - ballerina, baker, bank officer, bank teller, banker, barber, bartender, baseball player, basketball player, beautician, bill collector, billing clerk, biochemist, biomedical engineer, blue collar worker, blueprint reader, boat builder, bookkeeper, border patrol agent, botanist, brick mason, bricklayer, broadcast technician, broker, budget analyst, building inspector, bus driver, business administrator, business manager, butcher, butler
C - cabinet maker, CAD operator, cardiologist, career counselor, carpenter, carpet installer, cartographer, cashier, CEO, certified registered nurse anesthetist, chauffeur, chef, chemical engineer, chemist, child care worker, chiropractor, choreographer, city planner, civil engineer, claims adjuster, clergyman, clerk, clerk-typist, clown, coach, commodities broker, commodities trader, composer, computer graphic designer, computer hardware engineer, computer operator, computer programmer, computer support technician, computer technician, concrete finisher, confectioner, conservator, construction worker, consultant, cook, copywriter, corrections officer, cosmetologist, cost estimator, counselor, court clerk, CPA, Creative Memories Consultant, credit analyst, criminal justice officer, criminologist, culinary manager, curator, customer service representative
D - dancer, data processor, database administrator, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental technician, dentist, designer, desk clerk, desktop publisher, detective, dialysis technician, diesel mechanic, dietitian, digital film animator, director of nursing, director, dish washer, dispatcher, doctor, dog trainer, domestic engineer, donut maker, drafter, dressmaker, drywall installer
E - ecologist, economist, editor, education administrator, electrical engineer, electrician, electronics technician, elementary school teacher, EMT, engineer, entrepreneur, environmental engineer, environmental scientist, epidemiologist, equipment operator, ergonomist, event planner, executive assistant, executive
F - family counselor, family physician, farm hand, farmer, fashion designer, fast-food worker, field service technician, file clerk, financial advisor, financial analyst, firefighter, fisherman, flight attendant, flight engineer, floor finisher, florist, food service manager, football player, foreign service officer, foreman, forester, fry cook, fund raiser, funeral director, furniture upholsterer, futures trader
G - game warden, garbage collector, gardener, gem cutter, general practitioner, geneticist, geodesist, geographer, geologist, geophysicist, glass blower, golf course manager, golf pro, graphic designer, greens keeper, grocer, grocery clerk, grounds keeper, guidance counselor
H - hair dresser, hair stylist, HAZ-MAT worker, health service worker, heart surgeon, heating and air conditioning mechanic, heavy equipment operator, helicopter pilot, high school teacher, highway patrolman, historian, home economist, home health aide, homemaker, horticulturist, hotel clerk, hotel manager, house maid, human resources manager
I - industrial designer, industrial engineer, industrial engineer, information technology specialist, inspector, insurance agent, insurance underwriter, insurance broker, intelligence officer, intensive care nurse, interior decorator, interpreter, investigator, iron worker, IRS agent
J - jailer, jamb cutter, janitor, jelly maker, jewel lathe operator, jeweler, jewelry appraiser, jig builder, job analyst, job estimator, jobber, jockey, joiner, joint finisher, joist setter, journalist, journeyman machinist, judge, junior high school teacher, junk dealer, jurist, justice of the peace
K - karate teacher, keg washer, kelp cutter, kennel attendant, kennel keeper, keno dealer, kettle skimmer, key maker, keyboard operator, keypunch operator, kick press operator, kiln operator, kindergarten teacher, kinesiologist, kitchen designer, knitting machine operator, knotting machine operator
L - lab technician, laborer, landlord, landscape architect, law enforcement officer, lawn service worker, lawyer, legal secretary, legislator, librarian, library aide, lighthouse keeper, lineman, linguist, loan counselor, loan officer, Locksmith, logger, logistics manager, LPN
M - machine tool operator, machinist, magician, maid, mail carrier, maintenance supervisor, manicurist, management consultant, marine biologist, Marine, marketing director, marriage counselor, massage therapist, mathematician, mayor, meat cutter, mechanic, mechanical engineer, medical assistant, medical records technician, medical transcriptionist, merchant, merchant marine, messenger, metal fabricator, metal polisher, metallurgical engineer, meteorologist, microbiologist, midwife, military officer, millwright, miner, minister, mortician, mother, mover, MRI technician, museum curator, musician
N - nail setter, nanny, narcotics agent, naturopath, navigator, Navy, network administrator, network support technician, neurologist, neuro-psychologist, news analyst, news anchor, newscaster, novelist, nuclear engineer, nun, nurse practitioner, nurse, nurses aid, nutritionist
O - obstetrician, occupational analyst, occupational therapist, oceanographer, office assistant, office manager, oncologist, optician, optometrist, oral surgeon, order clerk, orderly, organic chemist, orthodontist, orthopedist, osteopath
P - painter, paper hanger, paralegal, paramedic, parole officer, pastor, pastry cook, pediatrician, personnel officer, pest controller, pharmacist, philosopher, photographer, physical therapist, physician, physicist, physiotherapist, pianist, piano tuner, picture framer, pilot, pipe-fitter, pipe-layer, plumber, plumbing inspector, podiatrist, poet, police officer, policy analyst, political , postal clerk, postal worker, pre-school teacher, private investigator, professor, property manager, psychologist, public administrator, public relations manager, publisher, purchasing agent
Q - qualifications examiner, quality assurance manager, quality assurance representative, quality control clerk, quality control supervisor, quality engineer, quarantine officer, quarry worker, quarryman, quarterback, quartermaster, quartz cutter, quill machine operator, quilt maker, quilting machine operator, quotation checker
R - race car driver, radiation therapist, radiographer, rancher, real estate agent, receptionist, records administrator, records manager, recreation director, referee, refrigeration mechanic, registered nurse, rehabilitative aide, reporter, research assistant, respiratory therapist, restaurant manager, retail salesperson, roofer
S - safety inspector, sailor, sales representative, school bus driver, school crossing guard, school teacher, screen printer, sculptor, Seabee, seamstress , secretary, securities analyst, security guard, seismologist, sheet metal worker, shipping clerk, ship's officer, shipwright, shoe maker, sign language interpreter, singer, social worker, sociologist, software engineer, soldier, sonographer, special education teacher, speech pathologist, speech therapist, statistician, stenographer, stockbroker, stonemason, supervisor, surgeon, surveyor, switchboard operator, systems analyst
T - tailor, tax collector, tax preparer, taxi driver, teacher, technical writer, telemarketer, telephone operator, telephone repairman, therapist, title searcher, tool maker, tourism director, toxicologist, train engineer, training officer, translator, trash collector, travel agent, tree surgeon, truck driver, typist
U - U.S. marshal, ultrasound technologist, umbrella frame maker, umpire, under sheriff, undercoater, undercover agent, undertaker, underwriter, union steward, university dean, university professor, UNIX system administrator, upholsterer, UPS driver, urban planner, urologist, used car sales person, usher, utility clerk
V - valet, vascular technologist, vehicle trimmer, vending machine repairman, veterinarian, veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, vice president, video camera operator, video control engineer, video editor, videographer, violin repairer, violinist, visual systems engineer, vocational counselor, vocational education teachers, volunteer coordinator
W - waiter, waitress, warden, watch repairer, watchman, water resources engineer, weather person, weaving machine operator, web developer, web page designer, webmaster, welder, welfare worker, wholesaler, wildlife biologist, window trimmer, woodworker, word processor, writer
X - Xerox machine operator, X-ray developer, X-ray equipment tester, X-ray examiner of aircraft, X-ray nurse, X-ray operator, X-ray technician
Y - yacht rigger, yachtsman, yard crane operator, yard master, yard switch operator, yardage estimator, yarn dyer, yarn spinner, yeast maker, yeoman, yoke presser, youth program director
Z - zinc etcher, zinc miner, zinc plater, zipper machine operator, zipper setter, zoning technician, zoo caretaker, zoo director, zoo veterinarian, zoo keeper, zoologist

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Songs about Business and Occupations

Songs about building, businesses, busy, business, guarantee, mining, specific occupations, Walmart, sales, and work.

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