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Also see Farming, Farm Animals, Blue Jeans, and Horses. Note: Songs about country, country boys, country girls, cowboys and cowgirls.


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Country Boy page:
Use brown stickers to write "Thank God I'm" across the top of a page and "A Country Boy" down the right side. Angle the letters and overlap if needed. Using the brown, orange and green earth tone design lines make a border just inside the letters and only on the top and right. Place the animal and wagon stickers from the heritage pack among the letters (the stickers can overlap some of the letters and border). You may want to add some music notes. (Bonnie L.)

Country Boy page variation:
Use black letters. Use two small brown colt stickers, four cowboy boots and two hats. Use the earth tone design lines as described above. Use one of the colts to save a 'Y' sticker (if you are always running out of Y's). Put one of the colt stickers between the 'Y' on 'country' and the 'B' on 'Boy'. Let a couple of the horse's feet overlap the 'B' slightly. It looks like the horses back is covering the bottom part of the 'Y' but actually it is the top part of the "X" that is used in place of the top part of the 'Y'. Also let some of the boots and hats overlap some of the other letters on the page so it will not look obvious. Use part of the bottom of the 'X' for the apostrophe in "I'M".

from Country Sunshine

(Dottie West - words and music by Dottie West, Bill Davis, Dianne Whiles)

I was raised on country sunshine
green grass beneath my feet
Runnin' through fields of daisies
a wadin' through the creek.

You love me and it's invitin'
to go where life is more excitin'
But I was raised on country sunshine.

I was raised on country sunshine
I'm happy with the simple things
A Saturday night dance, a picture show
and the joy that the bluebird brings.

I love you please believe me
I wouldn't want you to ever leave me
But I was raised on country sunshine.

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Cowboys and Cowgirls

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Broomstick Cowboy

Dream on, little broomstick cowboy,
Of rocket ships and Mars,
Of sunny days, And Willie Mays,
And chocolate candy bars.
Dream on little broomstick cowboy,
Dream while you can,
Of big green frogs,
And puppy dogs,
And castles in the sand.

A Cowboy's Guide to Life

(Texas Bix Bender and others)

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