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Inflation Calculator

For information on the value of things today compared with in the past there is a good site to visit: The Inflation Calculator
The Inflation Calculator covers values from 1800 to 1998. Just type in the amount you know (either the current value or the 'historical' one), and the Calculator gives you both valuations.
In case you wonder an 1859 dollar would be worth over $18 in 2002.

What Money Won't Buy

Money Will Buy . . .
A bed but not sleep
Books but not brains
Food but not appetite
Finery but not beauty
A house but not a home
Medicine but not health
Luxuries but not culture
Amusements but not happiness
Religion but not salvation.

The Terrible People

(Ogden Nash)

People who have what they want are very fond of telling people
who haven't what they want that they really don't want it;
And I wish I could afford to gather all such people into a gloomy
castle on the Danube and hire half a dozen capable Dracaulas to haunt it.

I don't mind their having a lot of money, And I don't care how they employ it,
But I do think they damn well ought to admit they enjoy it.
But no, they insist on being stealthy
About the pleasures of being wealthy.

And the possession of a handsome annuity
Makes them think that to say how hard it is to make both ends
meet is their bounden duty.
You cannot conceive of an occasion
Which well find them without some suitable evasion.

Yes, indeed, with arguments that are very fecund,
Their first point is that money isn't everything,
and that they have no money anyhow is their second.

Some people's money is merited,
And other people's is inherited,
But wherever it comes from,
They talk about it as if it were something you got pink gums from.

This may well be,
But if so, why do they not relieve themselves of the burden by
transferring it to the deserving poor--or me?

Perhaps indeed the possession of wealth is constantly distressing,
But I should be quite willing to assume every curse of wealth if
I could at the same time assume every blessing.

The only incurable troubles of the rich are the troubles that money can't cure,
Which is a kind of trouble that is even more troublesome if you are poor.

Certainly there are lots of things in life that money won't buy,
but it's very funny--
Have you ever tried to buy them without money?

Money ABC's

(Compiled by Bonnie Jasperson and Denny Davis)

A - account, accountant, accounts payable, accounts receivable, accrued expense, acquisition, adding machine, adjustable rate mortgage, adjusted gross income, advance, affordable, after-tax income, alimony, allowance, amended return, amortization, annuity, appraisal, armored truck, asset, ATM, audit
B - bad debt, bait and switch, balance, balanced budget, balancing your checkbook, bank, banker, bank robber, budget, balloon payment, bankruptcy, bear market, bearer bond, beneficiary, bequest, bill of sale, billionaire, blank check, blue chip, bonds, book value, bookkeeping, bottom line, bounced check, Brinks, broke, broker, bullish, burglary, buyer's market
C - calculator, canceled check, capital, capital gain, capital loss carryover, cash, cash advance, cash cow, cash flow, cash it in, cashier, cashier's check, cash value, caveat emptor, certificate of deposit, chapter 11, check, checkbook, checking account, collection agency, compound interest, con game, consumer, coins, contribution, cooking the books, cost-of-living index, credit card, currency
D - debenture, debit, debit card, debt, debtor, deductible, deed, deficit, deposit, deposit slip, depreciation, dime, dinar, direct deposit, disbursement, discretionary income, disposable income, distribution, diversified, dividend, doing business as (DBA), dollar, dollar bill, double-entry bookkeeping, Dow Jones Averages, downsizing, due date, durable power of attorney
E - early retirement, early withdrawal penalty, earned income, earnest money, earnings, economics, economic growth, economic indicator, economist, economy, embezzle, employee contribution, entrepreneur, equity, escrow, estate tax, Euro, excise tax, expense
F - fair market value, farthing, FDIC, federal deficit, federal tax ID number, fiduciary, FIFO (first in, first out), filing status, finance charge, financial planning, fiscal year, fixed income, fixed-rate mortgage, flexible spending account, florin, foreclosure, foreign exchange rate, forfeiture, forgery, form 1040, fortune 500, franc, franchise, fraud, free and clear, free market, fringe benefits, front-end load, Fort Knox, funds, futures
G - gamble, garnishment, general accounting office, gift tax, Ginnie Mae (government national mortgage association), GNP (gross national product), going public, gold, gold bar, gold brick, gold standard, golden parachute, good faith deposit, government bond, grace period, gratis, gratuity, Great Depression, greenback, gross income, gross sales, growth fund, guilder
H - hand it over, hard currency, head of household, hedge fund, heir, hidden asset, high-grade bond, high yield, HMO (health maintenance organization), hold up, holder of record, home equity loan, hostile takeover, human capital, hush money
I - income, income tax, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), industrial revenue bond, inflation rate, ingot, inheritance, Initial Public Offering (IPO), insider trading, insolvency, installment loan, insured, insurance premium, intangible asset, interest, interest rate, internal audit, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), interstate commerce, intestate, in the black, in the money, in the red, inventory, investment, investor, invoice, IOU, irrevocable trust, itemized deductions
J - January effect, joint account, joint and several liability, joint ownership, joint tax return, journal, journal entry, judgment lien, judicial foreclosure, junk bond, jurisdiction, just title
K - kappa, keiretsu, Keogh Plan, key person insurance, kickback, kiting, krona, krugerrand, KYC (know your customer)
L - labor force, landlord, Last in First out, law of supply and demand, lawyer, layoff, leading market indicators, lease, ledger, legacy, legal age, legal tender, lek (Albanian currency), lender, lessee, lessor, letter of credit, leveraged buyout, levy, liability, liability insurance, lien, life insurance, line of credit, liquid assets, liquidation, lira, list price, living trust, load fund, loan, loan shark, long-term, loophole, loss, loss carryover, lucrative, lump sum, luxury tax
M - macroeconomics, majority stockholder, making book, management fee, margin call, mark, market price, market share, market value, markup, mass production, mastercard, matching funds, maturity, median income, Medicare, merchandise, merger, microeconomics, middleman, millionaire, minimum wage, The Mint, MLM (multilevel marketing), monetary, money, money clip, money flow, money management, money order, monopoly, monthly statement, mortgage, mortgage rate, municipal bond, mutual fund
N - Nasdaq, national bank, national deficit, nest egg, net income, net profit, net worth, New York Stock Exchange, nickel, no-fault, no-load fund, non-disclosure agreement, non-profit organization, nonrefundable, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), notarized, note, not-for-profit organization, null and void, numismatics
O - October effect, of record, off the books, offering, on close, on consignment, on demand, one time charge, online banking, opening bell, open market, operating assets, operating costs, option account, ordinary income, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), origination fee, orphan stock, other income, outgo, out-sourcing, outstanding check, overage, overdraft protection, over-drawn, overdue, owe, own, owner of record
P - paid, paper trail, parity, partnership, passbook, past-due balance, pawn broker, pay, payable to, paycheck, payee, payment, payment in kind, payroll, penalty, penny, penny stock, pence, pension plan, per capita income, peso, petty cash, PIN number, pink ship, POD (payment on death), portfolio, possession, postdate, pound, poverty, power of attorney, precious metals, preferred stock, prepayment penalty, pre-tax, price, price fixing, price range, prime rate, principal balance, probate, proceeds, productivity, profit, profit and loss statement, profit margin, promissory note, property, property tax, proprietorship, pro rata, prospectus, proxy, public domain, purchase, purchasing power, put/call ratio, pyramid scheme
Q - qualification period, qualified trust, qualifying ratios, qualitative analysis, quality assurance, quality control, quantitative analysis, quarter, quarterly, quarterly report, quetzal, quick assets, quick turn, quid, quid pro quo, quitclaim deed, quorum, quota, quote, quote ticker
R - raincheck, raise, rand, rate of exchange, Reaganomics, real estate, realized profit, realtor, rebate, rebound, recall, recapture, receipt, receivables, receivership, recession, reconciliation, redeem, redemption fee, red flag, red ink, refinancing, refund, registered security, registrar, regulatory agency, reimbursement, reinvest, remittance, remuneration, renewable, rent, renter's insurance, reorganization, reparation, replacement cost, repo, repossession, requisition, research and development, reseller, reserve, residual, resource, restraint of trade, retail, retail sales index, retainer, retire, retirement fund, return of capital, revenue, revenue bond, reverse mortgage, revocable trust, revolving line of credit, rich, risk, risk-free return, risk tolerance, roll of coins, rollover, Roth IRA, royalty, rubber check, rupee
S - salary, salary freeze, sale, sales tax, salvage value, saving, savings account, savings bond, schedule C, second mortgage, secured loan, securities, securities exchange, self-employed, sell, seller's market, service contract, settlement, severance pay, shareholder, shares, shilling, shop, short-term, signature loan, simple interest, single-entry bookkeeping, slump, social security, social security tax, solvent, speculator, spousal IRA, stagnation, Standard & Poor, standard deduction, standard of living, startup, statement, stock, stockbroker, stock dividend, stockholder, stock market, stock option, stockpile, stock split, stop-loss, stop payment, straight line depreciation, strike, subpoena, subsidiary, sue, supply-side economics, surcharge, surplus, surrender value, survivor benefit, swap, sweat equity
T - take-home pay, takeover, tangible assets, taxes, taxable income, tax audit, tax bracket, tax-deductible, tax evasion, tax-exempt, tax ID number, tax rate, tax refund, tax return, tax shelter, telemarketing, teller, tenancy in common, tenant, term insurance, testate, thief, thrift, ticker tape, tight market, time deposit, title search, tort, total cost, trade deficit, trade-in allowance, transaction, traveler's check, treasury bond, treasury index, trial offer, trickle-down theory, trust, trust fund, trustee, truth in lending, turnover, tycoon
U - umbrella policy, uncertainty, uncertified funds, unconditional, uncovered call, underemployment, underfunded pension plan, underinsured, underperformer, undervalued, underwriter, unearned income, unemployed, unemployment rate, unencumbered property, unit of trade, universal life insurance, unlisted, unrealized loss, unsecured loan, upswing, U.S. Savings Bond, U.S. Treasury, useful life, usury
V - valuation, value, value added tax, value at risk, value averaging, variable annuity, variable rate, vendor, venture capital, vesting period, Visa, void, volatile, volatility risk, volume discount, voluntary contribution, voting right, voucher
W - wages, waiting period, waiver of premium, wall street, warehouse receipt, warranty, warranty deed, watered stock, weak dollar, weak market, wedge, weighted average, wealthy, wells fargo, white-collar, whole life insurance, wholesale, wholly-owned subsidiary, wildcat strike, will, windfall, window of opportunity, win-win situation, withdrawal, withholding tax, with interest, working capital, world trade organization, worth, worthless, write-off
X - eXpense, XD (symbol that a bond is trading without interest), XR (symbol that a stock is trading without rights attached), XW (symbol that a stock is ex-warrants)
Y - yen, year-end bonus, year-to-date (YTD), yield, yield curve, yield spread, yield to maturity, Y shares, you can bank on it
Z - zero balance, zero-base budgeting, zero-coupon bond, zero-investment portfolio, zero-sum game, zoning, Z shares

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