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Songs about Family Reunions

It wouldn't be a real family reunion if...


(Leana Spencer)

From east and west
north and south
We're all here.
Taste the excitement.

Cars, van, airplanes and buses
One way or another
We're all here.
Feel the pleasant contented exhaustion.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters
Aunts, uncles, and cousins
We're all here.
See the thread that connects us.

Yesterday's memories we will visit today
And plan for tomorrow.
We're all here
Touching time in our thoughts.

Labeling a Group Photo

When you have a photo of a large group that are not in straight rows it is difficult to label the names so people can identify who is who. One way is to trace the silhouette of the people in the photo on a piece of paper using a light box--or just sketch it. Write the names of the people in the appropriate place on the paper. You can put the sketch in the album next to the photo or you can make a pocket for it. You can put the photo in a photo mounting sleeve and adhere it to the page with a paper hinge with the sketch mounted behind it. You can also copy and reduce the size of the sketch but I would write the names in first.

Family Reunions

(from an Ann Landers column)

A lot of people for various reasons say they hate family reunions. I, too, come from a family of bores, hypocrites, lushes and egomaniacs. Family get-togethers have subjected my four children to all of the above, and believe it or not, my kids are all well-adjusted, friendly, kind and non-judgmental. Perhaps it is because they learned at a young age how to deal with relatives who had every kind of flaw imaginable.
Maybe when my kids have to face a boring in-law, an egomaniacal boss, a hypocritical co-worker or a neighbor who is a lush, they are able to cope better than others because of all those years of training at family get-togethers. That's really what childhood struggles are about- training for the future.
One thing I learned from the bores, hypocrites, lushes and egomaniacs is that when tragedy strikes, they sometimes turn out to be the most loyal, empathetic and kind ones of the entire bunch because they understand what it's like to have problems, unlike the 'perfect' woman who wrote to you. Oh yes, we also have snobs in our family, but I love them, too.

Family Reunion Album

Do a double-page spread for each family. Request that each "family unit" send photo(s), birth dates, addresses, full names, etc. You could send pieces of acid free paper and ask them to write old family stories. Complete most of the album in advance and leave room for each family to put their signatures and add some journaling about the photos and memories of the family. Include a page or two of photos of the common ancestors and a family tree and descendant chart. At the end of the album put photos from the reunion. Try to find a place that will color copy the album at a reasonable cost in case others want a copy, or scan it and put it on a CD.

Reunion Photo Taking Tips

Things to Take to a Family Reunion

This list is meant for the people hosting the reunion but a guest might want to bring some of them as well.

Tips for a Successful Family Reunion

Using Your Computer for a Family Reunion

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