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Hair and Haircuts

Page Toppers


Bad Hair Day

It's standing on end,
It's standing up straight!
(Please help me fix it
Before it's too late!)

Brushing and combing,
And using hair spray,
Just can't seem to help
With my bad hair day!

Little Boy

(Ken Brown)

Little boy,
Shock of hair,
Time to visit
The barber chair.
Ne'er before
This trip he's made;
He's quite unsure
But unafraid.
A memory saved,
A lock of hair
From his very first visit
To the barber chair.

A Lock of Hair

From a child so fair
A miracle from above
Placed gently in my care
This child is growing
Up so fast
Tomorrow's the future
Today is the past.

Walking . . . talking . . .
Fading riddles and rhymes
This lock of hair remains
A keepsake of past times.

The Haircut

(Jeff Moss)

I knew I should have stopped him
just as soon as he began it.
That barber left me looking
like the beast from some lost planet.
It's like he used a lawn mower
and then my hair got sat on.
Oh well, I'll just go through the next
six years with this dumb hat on.

A Lock of My Baby's Hair

Nothing more precious to keep
In tones of a hue so deep
As soft as a silent prayer
A lock of my baby's hair
I catch it before it lands
And save each shiny strand
Remembrance of one more step
Of my baby's growing up
Within this poem it will be
And placed for all to see.

The First Cut - Shears and Tears

(© 2012 Grace Mandry, used with permission)

I'm Mommy and Daddy's new bundle of joy
They tell me I'm sweet and petite and coy
They hug me and squeeze me and hold me tight
And watch over me through the day and night

They're thrilled with my - clear, bright eyes of blue
(or - 'deep brown eyes, so true')
And the way that I laugh and giggle and coo
They treasure my tresses - of milk-chocolate hue
(or, for blondes - 'of sun-kissed hue')
So here is what I have decided to do

To relieve their dread of my first cut-and-trim
On this page there's an envelope, sheer and slim
For a silken strand or a tousled curl
Which they spared from the locks of their baby girl

Give to new parents with a small vellum or plastic envelope attached to the page.

Hair Cut Pages

I saw a cute layout that had black and gold ABC stickers for the title "My First Buzz". Then, shortcut triangles in gold and black were used behind the pictures. Then, she used the bee stickers so it was like flying bees all over the page. (Lisa)

Songs about Hair

Songs about Braids and Ponytails

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Songs about Blondes

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Brown and Black Hair



(Victor James Daley)

When trees in Spring
Are blossoming
My lady wakes
From dreams whose light
Made dark days bright,
For their sweet sakes.
Yet in her eyes
A shadow lies
Of bygone mirth;
And still she seems
To walk in dreams,
And not on earth.

Some men may hold
That hair of gold
Is lovelier
Than darker sheen:
They have not seen
My lady's hair.

Her eyes are bright,
Her bosom white
As the sea foam
On sharp rocks sprayed;
Her mouth is made
Of honeycomb.

And whoso seeks
In her dusk cheeks
May see Love's sign--
A blush that glows
Like a red rose
Beneath brown wine.

Songs about Black and Brown Hair

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Songs about Redheads

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Grey Hair

Quotes and Page Toppers

Songs about Gray Hair

Hair Stylists and Barbers

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Songs about Hairstylists and Barbers

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Quotes about Hats

Using Hat Stickers

There are various hat stickers (including Mrs. G Santa hats) that fit various animal stickers (including Mrs. G penguins and teddy bears). (Beth B.)

If you accidentally cut off the top of someone's head in a picture, mount a hat sticker or die-cut above it and people will think you MEANT for it to look that way! (Beth B.)

When I Grow Up: Use photos of children that fit various occupations. Examples: playing in the trash - garbage man; wearing sunglasses - movie star; wearing a swim suit - Miss America; playing with pots and pans - chef; etc. Make a border around the page using a pen and border ruler. Put hat stickers along the border. There is a list of occupations in the Business file.

Songs about Hats

Songs about Hair Accessories

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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In Between

(Samuel Hoffenstein)

Babies haven't any hair;
Old men's heads are just as bare;
between the cradle and the grave
lie a haircut and a shave.

Songs about Baldness

While my balding husband was talking to a friend who is also bald, a young man sporting a full head of hair sat down between them. Glancing pointedly at both bald heads, he remarked, "Maybe I shouldn't sit here. It may be catching."
My husband's friend turned to the young man and said quietly, "We're all born with the same amount of hormones. If you want to use yours growing hair, that's your business."

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Pardon My Whiskers


Songs about Beards

Songs about Mustaches

Songs about Shaving

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