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daffodil Flower - Daffodil (signifies new beginnings)

Alternate Flower - Jonquil (another name for daffodil)

Birthstone - Aquamarine (signifies courage and hope)

Alternate Birthstone - Bloodstone

Name Origin - named for Mars, Roman god of war

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March 1
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pedigree chart Namesake Day 2015 (Sunday of the first full week) - This was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist, Jerry Hill.

smilie Share a Smile Day - See Smile Poems and Quotes.

peanuts Peanut Butter Lover's Day - See PeanutButterLovers.com and Peanut-Butter.org.

car Mechanic's Day - Thank your favorite mechanic, whether professional or backyard.

pig National Pig Day - This was created in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. See WikipediA for more info.

red, white and blue ribbon Peace Corps Anniversary - On this day in 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed the Executive Order officially starting the Peace Corp. See The Peace Corp.

suitcase Plan a Solo Vacation Day - See Connecting: Solo Travel Network, Travel Safety Tips and Travel Poems and Quotes.

Yellowstone Day - Yellowstone became the first National Park in 1982 on Feb 29 but is celebrated on this day in non-leap years.

flag Nebraska Admission Day - Nebraska became the 37th state in 1867. See Nebraska Poems and Quotes.

flag Ohio Admission Day - Ohio became the 17th state in 1803. See Ohio Poems and Quotes.

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March 2
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banana National Banana Cream Pie Day - See Banana Cream Pie Recipes.

book Read Across America Day - This was created by the NEA and is celebrated on the birthday of children's author and illustrator Theodore Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss. He was born in 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He wrote The Cat in The Hat, Horton Hears a Who, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and many other wonderful books. See Read Across America and Quotes about Authors.

Give Up Easily Day - I am definitely not one to give up easily on anything and mostly that has worked for me. However, there are times when my life would have been much better had I given up on something long before I did, including my very long, very unhappy marriage.

Old Stuff Day - Instead of doing the same old stuff why not try something new and different.

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March 3
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Unique Name Day 2015 (Tuesday of the first full week) - This was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist, Jerry Hill.

smilie I Want You to Be Happy Day - Do something today to make your loved ones happy. Hopefully they will do something for you as well.

telephone Alexander Graham Bell Day - The inventor, physicist, and engineer was born on this day in 1847. See Alexander Graham Bell and Phone Poems and Quotes.

peach blossom Peach Blossom Day - This is the day peaches usually start blossoming in Japan.

red, white and blue ribbon Star-Spangled Banner Day - The Star-Spangled Banner became the National Anthem on this day in 1931 by a congressional resolution signed by President Herbert Hoover.

flag Florida Admission Day - Florida became the 27th state in 1845. See Florida Poems and Quotes.

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March 4
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Learn What Your Name Means Day 2015 (Wednesday of the first full week) - This was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist, Jerry Hill.

fork and spoon National Pound Cake Day - Traditional pound cakes contained one pound each of flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Any cake that contains equal amounts of those four ingredients can still be considered a pound cake. I have seen pound cake recipes that did not meet those requirements but as long as they taste good who is going to complain! See Pound Cake Recipes.

candy Cadbury Chocolate Day - John Cadbury opened his a grocery shop in 1824 in Birmingham, England. One of the things he sold was cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself from imported cocoa beans. His chocolate products sold so well that he soon decided to concentrate on them. See Cadbury Chocolate.

red, white and blue ribbon Hug a Member of the Military Day - Today is the only day of the year that is a military command: 'march forth'. See Military Poems and Quotes.

scrapbook page (started in 2003) - Along with the rest of the economy, the scrapbook industry is having a rough time. I hope that means that people are making less elaborate scrapbooks and not that they have stopped scrapbooking. Scrapbooks are one of the most valuable gifts we can leave for future generations.

red, white and blue ribbon U.S. Congress Anniversary - Congress first met on this day at Federal Hall in New York City in 1789.

Employee Appreciation Day - This was started in 1995 to encourage employers to provide recognition to employees. Their premise is that employees are happier with personalized recognition than they are with bonuses. I am not sure who those employees are but I don't' know any of them.

music notes National Waltz Day - See Dancing Scrapbook Ideas.

Tavern Day - America's first tavern opened on this day in Boston in 1634. See Drinking Poems and Quotes.

flag Vermont Admission Day - Vermont became the 14th state in 1791. See Vermont Poems and Quotes.

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March 5
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female symbol Say Hi to Mom Day - Whether you say 'hi' by phone, email or text message, I am sure your mom will appreciate it.

medical symbol Babysitter Safety Day - Parents of babysitters need to make sure that the household where there children babysit are safe. They also need to make sure their children know what to do in case of various types of emergencies. If you have babysitting classes in your area that is a great way to start.

Stop Bad Service Day - If we all complained when we get bad service, perhaps companies would better train their employees to give good service. Also be sure to give compliments for good service.

medical symbol Multiple Personality Day - Multiple Personality Disorder is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am not sure if this day was created to bring attention to the disorder or to encourage people to get in touch with various facets of their personalities.

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March 6
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cross Women's World Day of Prayer 2015 (first Friday) - This was started in 1927. The purpose if for women to become aware of other cultures, sympathize with the problems of other countries, and pray for and with them. See WikipediA for more info.

Middle Name Pride Day 2015 (Friday of the first full week) - This was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist, Jerry Hill.

money bag National Salesperson Day 2015 (first Friday)

fork and spoon Oreo Cookie Day - Oreo cookies were first sold 1912. My favorites are the ones with chocolate frosting and the ones covered in white chocolate. Whatever your favorite, pour yourself a glass of milk and start celebrating.

fork and spoon National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day - Search Cooks.com for recipes

tv dinnerNational Frozen Food Day - Try using only frozen food for all your meals today. This was designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. See The American Frozen Food Institute.

toothbrush Dentist's Day - Give everyone a big smile - and thank your dentist for helping keep your smile pretty. See Dentist Poems and Quotes.

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March 7
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pedigree chart Genealogy Day 2015 (Saturday of the first full week) - For a good starting point in researching your family history go to Cyndi's List.

sled dog Iditarod® Start Day 2015 (starts the first Saturday) - This is the longest dog sled race in the world and takes from ten to twenty days. See The Official Site of the Iditarod®.

cereal Cereal Day - This day is to honor Dr. John Harvey Kellogg who invented Corn Flakes in 1897.

telephone Say Hello! Day - Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone on this day in 1876. Make a call to someone you haven't talked to in a while. See Phone Poems and Quotes.

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March 8
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battery Check Your Batteries Day 2015 (second Sunday) - While you are resetting your clocks for daylight savings time also check the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, emergency flashlights, etc. That could be the difference between life and death.

clock Daylight Savings Time begins 2015 (second Sunday) - See Daylight Savings Time on WikipediA.

female symbol International Women's Day - This is a day to celebrate achievements of women past and present. See International Women's Day.

female symbol Uppity Women Day - Uppity women can be difficult to deal with sometimes on a personal basis but they are often the ones who get things done. See Poems and Quotes for Women.

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March 9
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zzz Workplace Napping Day 2015 (Monday after Daylight Savings Time starts) - This was created by William and Camille Anthony in 1999 to help people adjust to the hour lost to Daylight Savings Time and to point out the benefits of napping. Losing an hour of sleep may not sound like much, but in a nation where over half of adults are already sleep-deprived it can cause problems. If your boss isn't enthusiastic about you 'celebrating' this, you might want to show him The Benefits of Power Napping. Also see Sleep Poems and Quotes.

Get Over it Day™ - This is strategically held each year on March 9th, the exact mid-point between Valentine's Day and April Fool's Day. For more info see Get Over it Day™.

Barbi's Birthday - On this day in 1959, the Barbi Doll was first displayed at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

chess piece Birthday of Bobby Fischer - This chess champion was born on this day in 1943.

flags Armored Warships Day - The first battle between armored warships took place on this day in 1862 during the American Civil War. The ships were the Monitor and the Merrimac.

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March 10
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desk Organize Your Home Office Day 2015 (second Tuesday) - See Organize Your Home Office.

telephone Telephone Day - On this day in 1876 the first discernible voice message was transmitted over a telephone. See Phone Poems and Quotes.

money bag Dollar Bill Day - The U.S. printed its first modern paper currency on this day in 1862.

Salvation Army Day (founded in 1880) - See The Salvation Army.

medical symbol National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - According to WomensHealth.gov, every 35 minutes a woman in the United States tests positive for HIV.

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March 11
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zzz Dream Day - See Dream Poems and Quotes.

medical symbol World Kidney Day - See The National Kidney Foundation.

music notes Sir Paul Day - Paul McCartney, member of the Beatles was knighted by the Queen on this day in 1997.

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March 12
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basket of flowers Plant a Flower Day - Planting a flower is a good thing to do no matter what day it is.

movie camera Alfred Hitchcock Day - I am sure there are many people who, like me, were pretty nervous during the first shower they took after seeing Psycho. See Alfred Hitchcock on WikipediA.

tent Girl Scout Birthday - On this day in 1912, Juliette Lowe registered the first eighteen girl members in Savannah, Georgia. See GirlScouts.org.

red, white and blue ribbon Fireside Chat Day - On this day in 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the first of his fireside chats on the radio.

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March 13
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Good Samaritan Involvement Day - Sometimes we are so deep in thought that we don't notice those around us that could use help. Today focus outwardly and see if you can find someone who needs something you could help them with.

ear-muffs Ear-Muff Day - Ear-muffs were patented on this day in 1877 by inventor, Chester Greenwood.

umbrella National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day - While your at it you might walk under a ladder as well!

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March 14
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fork and spoon National Potato Chip Day - Potato Chips were invented by George Crum in 1953. He was a chef who became frustrated at a customer who sent back his order of fried potatoes because they were too thick. As a joke he cut them as thin as possible and cooked them in oil. To his surprise the customer loved them and others began asking for them.

glue Children's Craft Day - See Crafts for Kids.

butterfly Butterflies Day - See Butterfly Poems and Quotes.

Genius Day - Albert Einstein was born on this day in 1879.

Pi Day - This was created in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw. If you don't know why this is called Pi Day you probably won't care after you find out. See WikipediA and Secular Seasonsfor more info.

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March 15
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money bag Shopping Cart Birthday - The first shopping cart was patented on this day in 1938 by Sylvan Goldman.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® 2016 (third Thursday) - This was created in 1998 by Camp Fire USA to encourage adults to write letters of praise and encouragement to the children in their lives. See Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®.

Ides of March - In the Roman calendar the 15th of March, May, July and October was known as the ides. Most likely that would be a little known fact today if not for Julius Caesar being stabbed that day after being told by a seer to 'beware the ides of March'.

flag Maine Admission Day - Maine became the 23rd state in 1820. See Maine Poems and Quotes.

red, white and blue ribbon Birthday of President Andrew Jackson (born in 1767) - He was the seventh president. See The White House website.

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March 16
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smilie Act Happy Day 2015 (third Monday) - See The Secret Society of Happy People and smile ;-).

Everything You Do is Right Day - Try not to second guess yourself today. As long as the decisions you make are well thought through just carry them out and let them go. You might find that you can do this in the future with a little practice and save yourself a lot of stress.

glass of juice Vitamin C Day - Vitamin C was discovered in 1928. This is one vitamin that is easy for healthy people to get enough of because so many good foods contain it. Some of them are: red peppers, kiwifruit, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, oranges, kale, lemons, melons, cauliflower, grapefruits, spinach, and potatoes.

red, white and blue ribbon West Point Anniversary - West Point was established in 1802 by Thomas Jefferson. See The United States Military Academy.

red, white and blue ribbon Freedom of Information Day - This day celebrates the importance of an open government with access to info by the public.

red, white and blue ribbon Birthday of President James Madison (born in 1751) - He was the fourth president. See The White House website.

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March 17
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shamrock St. Patrick's Day - See Wikipedia and St. Patrick Day Poems and Quotes.

Rubber Band Day - The rubber band was patented on this day in England in 1845. See Wikipedia.

tent Camp Fire Girls Founders Day - Camp Fire Girls was founded on this day in 1910 by Dr. Luther H. Gulick and his wife Charlotte. It was the first non-sectarian organization for girls in the U.S.

Submarine Day - I think this day was created to celebrate the underwater vessels that have helped our country win wars, but if you want to eat a submarine sandwich that is fine.

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March 18
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pedigree chart Grandparents and Grandchildren Day - See Grandparent Poems and Quotes and Grandchild Poems and Quotes.

smilie Awkward Moments Day - When you find yourself having an awkward moment you might as well laugh along with those around you!

firefighter hat Birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog - Sparky is the mascot of National Fire Protection Association.

First Space Walk Day - The first person to take a walk in space was Soviet cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov on this day in 1965.

red, white and blue ribbon Birthday of President Grover Cleveland (born in 1908) - He was the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president. See The White House website.

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March 19
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candy National Chocolate-Covered Caramel Day - Try this Chocolate Covered Caramels Recipe.

smilie Laugh Day - We would all feel better if we could find things to laugh about everyday.

badge Birthday of Wyatt Earp - The old west lawman was born on this day in 1848.

hen Poultry Day - See these Chicken Recipes.

swallow Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day - Swallows are one of my favorite birds and I would love to see this someday. See SanJualCapistrano.net.

clock Time Zone Day - To sort out the confusion of various states and cities using different times zones Congress adopted the Standard Time Act on this day in 1918.

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March 20
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needle and thread National Quilting Day 2015 (third Saturday) - This was started in 1991 by The National Quilting Association, Inc..

book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Day - This is the birthday of Bill Martin, author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and other great children's books. It was one of my favorite books to read to my granddaughters and I kept it to hopefully someday read to my great grandchildren. See Quotes about Authors.

Spring Equinox (also called Vernal Equinox) - This is always between March 19 and 21 and marks the first day of spring. Between 2008 and 2058 it falls on the 20th, except for 2044, 2048, 2052 and 2056 in which it falls on the 19th. In 2007 it was on the 21st, which is when we all used to celebrate the first day of Spring. See Spring Poems and Quotes.

snowman Snowman Burning Day (first day of Spring) - This started in 1971 as a day to mark the end of winter and welcome spring. Since most real snowmen don't burn well (and are likely melted by now), a snowman made from paper, with a frame of wood, wire or straw is used. See Lake Superior State University.

television Mr. Rogers Day - Fred Rogers, host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, was born on this day in 1928.

television Big Bird Day - Even though he was 'born' in 1969, Big Bird is still six years old.

barn National Agriculture Day - See Farming Poems and Quotes and National Agriculture Day.

Extraterrestrial Abductions Day - See Alien Abduction Experience and Research.

medical symbol National Native American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - This was started in 2007 by the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center.

zipper Zipper Day - A patent for a 'separable fastener' (later called a zipper) was granted on this day in 1917 to Gideon Sundback.

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March 21
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Common Courtesy Day - See not so Common Courtesy™.

music notes Dance Day - Everyday is a good day to dance. See Dancing Scrapbook Ideas.

book World Poetry Day - This was designated in 1999 by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. See The Academy of American Poets.

Memory Day - See Memory Poems and Quotes.

National Single Parent Day - This was designated by Parents Without Partners.

perfumeFragrance Day - It's nice to smell good but please don't overdo it. There are a number of people who have asthma or allergies that react badly to various perfumes and scented cosmetics.

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March 22
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buzzard Buzzard Day 2015 (first Sunday after the 15th) - People come to Hinckley Township, Ohio to see buzzards return from their winter migration.

globe Earth Day - The first earth day was celebrated in 1970. Do something nice for the earth today and it will be around to do something nice for your great grandchildren. See The History of Earth Day on Wikipedia.

As Young as You Feel Day - Do something you still enjoy but usually don't do because you think you are too old for it.

birdie National Badminton Day - Bring out the rackets and birdies and challenge a friend to a game of badminton.

National Goof-Off Day - Do whatever you want as long as it isn't related to work.

Roller Coaster Day - The roller coaster was patented in Coney Island, New York by La Marcus Thompson in 1884. See Amusement Park Scrapbook Ideas.

music notes National Sing-Out Day - Sing in the shower, sing in the car on the way to work, get a group together to sing on your lunch hour, have a family song fest after dinner, and last of all sing your baby to sleep.

globe World Water Day - This was created in 1992 during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. See World Water Day.

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March 23
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fork and spoon National Chip and Dip Day - See these Easy Chip Dip Recipes.

cat Cuddly Kitten Day - If you don't have a kitten or cat to cuddle, visit your local humane society. They usually have plenty. If you are in a living situation where you can't have a pet, you can still volunteer at the humane society and enjoy the company of cats. See Cat Scrapbook Ideas.

medical symbol Dixie Cup Birthday - Originally called the 'Health Kup', the Dixie Cup was developed by Lawrence Luellen and Hugh Moore in 1912. It became popular very quickly because of the recent discovery of germs on community drinking glasses and dippers being the source of many communicable diseases.

red, white and blue ribbon Give Me Liberty Day - Patriot Patrick Henry is most famous for a speech he gave on this day in 1775 to encourage more military action against the British. The last part of the speech was "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!". See Patrick Henry on WikipediA.

umbrella World Meteorological Day (started in 1950) - See The World Meteorological Organization.

globe Near Miss Day - On this day in 1989 a large asteroid came within 500,000 miles of the earth. Had it hit it would have created a crater the size of Washington, D.C. and destroyed everything for a hundred miles around.

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March 24
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medical symbol Diabetes Alert Day 2015 (fourth Tuesday) - See The American Diabetes Association.

fork and spoon National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day - Search for recipes on Cooks.com.

cross Saint Gabriel Feast Day - This was the date chosen in 1921 when it was first included in the General Roman Calendar. In 1969 the date was changed to September 29. Saint Gabriel is the patron saint of messengers - including postal, telephone, and telecommunications workers. See Wikipedia.

medical symbol World Tuberculosis Day - In 1904 the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis was created. In 1968 the name was changed to the National Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association. Finally in 1973 it became the American Lung Association. See The American Lung Association so we can all breathe easier.

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March 25
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medical symbol Kids Kick Butts Day 2015 - (fourth Wednesday) - See Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

pecans Pecan Day - This is the anniversary of the day in 1775 that George Washington planted pecan trees at Mount Vernon. The trees were a gift from Thomas Jefferson and supposedly some of the trees still survive today. See Pecan Recipes and Info.

waffle International Waffle Day - Eating waffles as a way to celebrate the start of spring originated in Sweden. See Waffle Recipes.

red, white and blue ribbon Medal of Honor Day - The first medal of honor was presented on this day in 1863. For ideas on how to commemorate this day see National Medal of Honor Day.

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March 26
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apple Johnny Appleseed Day - John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, died on this day in 1845. See Johnny Appleseed on WikipediA.

book Birthday of Robert Frost - Robert Frost was born on this day in 1874. He was a poet who wrote The Road Not Taken, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, and many other wonderful poems. One of my favorites is probably his shortest poem. It is titled The Secret Sits and goes like this:
We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the secret sits in the middle and knows.

needle Dr. Jonas Salk Day - Salk invented the polio vaccine in 1953. For those who don't remember, the days before polio vaccine were scary. Even those who didn't know anyone who died or was crippled from polio were affected in small ways. In the town I grew up in, as in many other places, the swimming pool was closed for a time and many activities involving close contact were canceled. We had to stand in line to be given painful injections.

Legal Assistants Day - Without legal assistants, attorneys would probably not be able to take on even half the clients they do now.

medical symbol Medic Alert Birthday - The Medic Alert Foundation was founded on this day in 1956. See MedicAlert.

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March 27
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music notes Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day - There are many lists of amusing country song titles. One I haven't seen on any list is Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone.

Joe Day - If you don't like your name, today is a day to ask everyone to call you 'Joe' (or 'Jo' if you are a girl). If you decide you like it you can legally have your name changed for less cost and trouble than you might expect.

male symbol Urinal Day - The urinal was patented on this day in 1866 by Andrew Rankin.

medical symbol Viva Viagra Day - The FDA approved Viagra on this day in 1998.

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March 28
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book Children's Picture Book Day - Long before children learn to read they love picture books. My favorite picture book is Mercer Mayer's A Boy, a Dog and a Frog.

cat Respect Your Cat Day - Most cats demand respect every day but if yours does not please show it to him or her today. See Cat Scrapbook Ideas.

Hot Tub Day - Many people find hot tubs a way to relax muscles and reduce stress. If you are among them try to find a couple of hours today to relax in a hot tub.

Microfilm Day - Microfilm was invented by Benjamin Dancer of England in 1839 but not put into practical use because the film had to be read using a magnifying glass. In 1925 George McCarthy of New York patented a machine to make permanent copies of bank records.

medical symbol Three Mile Island Day - On this day in 1979 the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Middletown, Pennsylvania had a major accident when a core partially melted down. This may not seem like anything to celebrate. However, I think this was a wake up call that resulted in many less nuclear power plants being built - and many potential accidents prevented.

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March 29
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cross Palm Sunday 2015 (Sunday before Easter)

Smoke and Mirrors Day - I think honesty is almost always the best policy. But with some people and at some times a little 'smoke and mirrors' can make life a lot easier for everyone. See Honesty Poems and Quotes.

money bag National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - If there is a locally owned business in your area please support them. You may sometimes pay a little more for products but you generally get better service and you are putting money back into your community.

cross Knights of Columbus Founders Day - The first Knights of Columbus charter was granted on this day in Connecticut in 1882. See Knights of Columbus.

red, white and blue ribbon Birthday of President John Tyler (born in 1790) - He was the tenth president. See The White House website.

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March 30
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tree Take a Walk in the Park Day - Not only does a walk help you stay healthy and lose weight, it will also help reduce stress. You may find the results so good that you will want to walk every day. See Fitness Poems and Quotes.

I am in Control Day - This day started in 1981 when Alexander Haig's statement of "I am in Control" after the attempted assassination President Reagan was taken out of context. The best way to celebrate this day is to take control of any part of your life that you are struggling with. Whether you are in a low-paying job, a bad relationship or just have a cluttered house or overdue bills. You will never get out of a bad place unless you take the first step.

golf cart Golf Course Day - The first golf course in the U.S. opened on this day in Yonkers, New York in 1889. See Golf.com and Golf Scrapbook Ideas.

red, white and blue ribbon Alaska Purchase Day - The territory of Alaska was purchased on this day in 1867 from Russia. The cost was 7.2 million dollars, which was less than three cents per acre. See Alaska Scrapbook Ideas.

red, white and blue ribbon Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day - This is an opportunity to thank Vietnam Veterans. Many of them didn't get thanked when they originally served because of the controversy over the war. See Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

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March 31
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stethoscope Doctors Day 2015 (last Tuesday)

female symbol "She's Funny That Way" Day - Celebrate the women in your lives who make you laugh their quirky little ways by letting them know you appreciate them.

fork and spoon National Clam on the Half-Shell Day - See Steamed Clams on the Half Shell.

American Map Day - The first map of the U.S. produced by an American cartographer was published in 1784.

Bunsen burner Bunsen Burner Day - Robert Bunsen, chemist and inventor of the Bunsen Burner, was born on this day in 1811.

tractor National Farm Workers Day - Thank a farmer today. Whether they are a farm owner or farm worker what you eat depends on them. See Farming Poems and Quotes.

medical symbol National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day - See The American Sleep Apnea Association.

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Month-Long Events

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glue National Craft Month - See Crafts for Kids and Craft Poems and Quotes.

Ethics Awareness Month - See What is Ethics?.

lightbulb Ideas Month - Write down good ideas you have had in the past but haven't had time to carry out. Then carry out one of the ideas before the month ends.

smilie International Mirth Month - Find something to laugh about in the morning and your entire day will go better.

International Listening Awareness Month - See The International Listening Association and Communication Poems and Quotes.

smilie National Optimism Month - See Optimism on WikipediA. Also see Optimism Poems and Quotes.

daffodil Daffodil Month - See The American Daffodil Society and Flower Poems and Quotes.

mailboxNational Philatelic Society Month - See The American Philatelic Society and Stamp Scrapbook Ideas.

paints Youth Art Month - See The Artful Parent and Art Poems and Quotes.

horse Horse Month - See The Ultimate Horse Site for everything you ever wanted to know about horses. Also see Horse Scrapbook Ideas.

dog National Humane Education Month - See The Humane Society of the United States.

Honor Society Awareness Month - See Honor Societies on WikipediA.

music notes National Music in Our Schools Month - See The National Association for Music Education and Music Poems and Quotes.

television Academy Awards Month - See The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

umbrella National Umbrella Month - See Umbrellas on WikipediA. Also see Rain Poems and Quotes.

female symbol National Women's History Month - Designated by Congress in 1987. See The National Women's History Project and Poems and Quotes About Women.

Improve Management Skills Month - See Management Skills on About.com.

pedigree chart Irish-American Heritage Month - See The American Foundation for Irish Heritage.

cell phone On-Hold Month - See I Hate Being Put on Hold and Phone Poems and Quotes.

Parents Without Partners Month - See Parents Without Partners.

Professional Social Work Month - See The National Association of Social Workers.

National Science Month - This month emphasizes the role science plays in making us healthier and the world a better place.

book Small Press Month - See Small Press Month.org.

Talk to Your Teens about Sex Month - See Talking to Teens About Sex.

candy Chocolate Month - See AllChocolate.com and Chocolate Poems and Quotes.

tv dinnerNational Frozen Food Month - See The American Frozen Food Institute.

fork and spoon National Noodle Month - See allrecipes.com.

fork and spoon National Nutrition Month® - See the American Dietetic Association and NutritionData.

peanuts National Peanut Month - See The Peanut Institute.

glasses National Eye Donor Month - Some people who would like to donate their organs fail to communicate that to their family because they don't like to talk about (or think about) their own death. Try to think about all the lives that you may be saving. See OrganDonor.gov.

glasses Workplace Eye Safety Month - See Prevent Blindness America®.

car National Collision Awareness Month - See Safe Driving Tips.

medical symbol American Red Cross Month - This was originally designated by President Roosevelt in 1943. See The American Red Cross.

medical symbol Brain Injury Awareness Month - See The Brain Injury Association of America.

medical symbol Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month - See info on MayoClinic.com.

medical symbol National Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness Month - See the Prevent Cancer Foundation and the Colo-rectal Cancer Health Center on WedMD.

medical symbol Deaf History Month - See Deaf History on About.com.

medical symbol Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month - See Deep Vein Thrombosis on MayoClinic.com.

medical symbol National Endometriosis Awareness Month - See the Endometriosis Research Center.

medical symbol Hemophilia Month - See The National Hemophilia Foundation.

medical symbol National Kidney Month - See The National Kidney Foundation.

medical symbol Poison Prevention Awareness Month - See PoisonPrevention.org.

medical symbol Mental Retardation Awareness Month - See KidsHealth and Poems and Quotes about Special Children.

medical symbol Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month - See The National Sclerosis Society.

medical symbol National Rosacea Awareness Month - See The National Rosacea Society.

medical symbol Save Your Vision Month - See The Low Vision Gateway and Prevent Blindness.org.

medical symbol Vulvar Health Month - See Vulvar Health and Well Being.

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Week-Long Events

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red, white and blue ribbon Peace Corps Week
(week that includes March 1st)
See Peace Corps Week.

lightning Severe Weather Awareness Week
(date varies by state)
This is a time to make sure you have provisions in case of severe weather and know a safe location to go to in case you don't have a shelter.

mailboxNational Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
(1 - 7)
A spoken thank you is great but a letter is even better. See Written Communication.

bike Biking Week
(first week)
See The League of American Bicyclists and Bike Poems, Quotes and Scrapbook Ideas.

cookie National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
(first week)
See Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes and Cookie Scrapbook Ideas.

book Return Borrowed Books Week
(first week)
If you come across unreturned library books, no matter how far past due, please return them today. Most libraries limit the fine to no more than the value of the book. See Library Poems and Quotes.

Celebrate You Name Week
(first full week)
This was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist, Jerry Hill. See Celebrating Names.

National Foreign Language Week
(first full week)
This was designated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. See Why Foreign Language Education Matters.

dog National Professional Pet Sitters Week
(first full week)
Thank your pet-sitter with a kind word or extra big tip.

Read an E-Book Week
(first full week)
See The History of E-Books on WikipediA.

medical symbol National Patient Safety Awareness Week
(first full week)
This was created in 2002 by The National Patient Safety Foundation.

medical symbol Save Your Vision Week
(first full week)
See The Low Vision Gateway and Prevent Blindness.org.

money bag Consumer Protection Week
(first full week)
See National Consumer Protection Week.

megaphone Cheerleading Week
(first full week)
See Varsity.com.

glasses Help Someone See Week
(first full week)
Your old prescription glasses could be a blessing to someone who can't afford glasses. See New Eyes for the Needy.

quill pen Autograph Collectors Week
(first full week)
Many people collect autographs of celebrities. That has never interested me but I have started collecting signatures of my ancestors and that is quite interesting.

Human Resources Week
(first full week)
Thank your HR department workers.

fork and spoon National School Breakfast Week
(first full school week)
See The School Nutrition Association.

yarn Crochet Week
(second week)
See The Crochet Guild of America.

nurse's cap Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week
(second week)
See The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.

money bag National Problem Gambling Awareness Week
(second week)
See The National Council on Problem Gambling.

National Procrastinators Week
(second week - but it's okay to celebrate the third week)
See Structured Procrastination. I have been doing this for years but didn't realize there was a name for it.

medical symbol Brain Awareness Week
(second full week)
The purpose is to educate the public on the benefits of brain research. See Brain Awareness Week.

medical symbol Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
(second full week)
See The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

at symbol Email of Appreciation Week
(second full week)
If you didn't have time to write a letter of appreciation last week, send an email of appreciation now. See Written Communication.

elephant National Wildlife Week
(second full week)
See National Wildlife Foundation® and Wild Animal Poems and Quotes.

rain drop Conserve Water Week
(second full week)
It is easy to think a slow drip in a single faucet is insignificant. However just one drip every thirty seconds adds up to sixty-nine gallons a year. See WaterSense®.

tent Girl Scout Week
(week that includes the 12th)
See Girl Scouts.

red, white and blue ribbon Sunshine Week
(week that includes the 16th)
This week is celebrated by advocates of a more transparent government.
See Sunshine Week.

tent Camp Fire Girls Birthday Week
(week that includes the 17th)
The Camp Fire Girls of America was founded March 17, 1910 and incorporated March 15, 1912.

medical symbol Health Information and Technology week
(17 - 23, 2013, month and date varies)
This recognizes the professionals who manage and protect our health information. See the American Health Information Management Association.

car Work Zone Awareness Week 2015
(23 - 27)
See the American Traffic Safety Services Association.

Sports Trivia Week
(third week)
See Sports Poems and Quotes.

medical symbol National Poison Prevention Week
(third week)
This was established by Congress in 1961. See PoisonPrevention.org.

dog Animal Poison Prevention Week
(third week)
See ASPCA®.org.

candy American Chocolate Week
(third week)
See AllChocolate.com and Chocolate Poems and Quotes.

medical symbol Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week
(third week)
See The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.

Jobs for Teens Week
(third week)
Teens tend to get in trouble when they have too much idle time. Unfortunately it isn't easy to find a job in today's economy. If you have a recurring chore you dislike or don't have time for, please consider hiring a teen to do it on a regular basis.

money bag National Anonymous Giving Week
(third week)
Do something nice today without anyone knowing and see how good you feel. Some ideas are donating something without getting a tax receipt, giving a cash donation to a charity or leaving canned food on the porch of a needy neighbor.

barn National Agriculture Week
(week including the first day of spring)
See Farming Poems and Quotes.

National Spring Fever Week
(week including the first day of spring)
No matter what the weather, find something to do outside this week. See Spring Poems and Quotes.

National Clutter Awareness Week
(fourth week)
You can't have everything in its place if there isn't a place for everything. See Clutterers Anonymous.

money bag Second-Hand Shopping Week
(fourth week)
You can find lots of almost-new clothes at your local DAV or Goodwill store. You can look good and save a lot of money.

bubble National Bubble Week
(fourth week)
Blow a bubble with bubble gum, take a bubble bath or use a bubble wand to make huge bubbles. Bubbles are not just for kids! See Bubble Poems and Quotes.

National Spring Cleaning Week
(week starting the last Sunday)

toothbrush Root Canal Awareness Week
(week starting the last Sunday)
See American Association of Endodontists.

zzz National Sleep Awareness Week®
(week starting the last Monday)
See the National Sleep Foundation and Sleep Scrapbook Ideas.

fork and spoon Egg Salad Week
(week starting on Easter)
See Egg Salad Recipes.

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