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Thirty Kinds of Kisses

  1. Bath Kiss: Surprise your love with a kiss while he/she is showering or in the tub.
  2. Body Kiss: Run your tongue up your partner's arm. When you reach the lips, give him/her a passionate kiss.
  3. Camping Kiss: Cuddle up together in a sleeping bag on a beautiful cool night.
  4. Down to Your Toes Kiss: Look deeply and longingly into your love's eyes, then take their face gently in both hands, and kisses them passionately!
  5. Eskimo Kiss: Rub noses while lying in bed.
  6. Eye Kisses: End a kissing session with a tender kiss on their closed eyes.
  7. Feather Kisses: Spread the lightest possible kisses all over their face.
  8. Finger Kisses: Gently nibble and kiss your mate's fingers.
  9. Flavored Kiss: Put on some flavored lip gloss and kiss your guy on the lips.
  10. Football Kisses: After a pass, kiss your love; after a touchdown give her a really passionate kiss. (same thing for baseball with hits and homeruns)
  11. Gentle Kiss: Rub your finger across their lips and look up at them and tell them that you love them. Then kiss gently, hardly touching lips.
  12. Goodbye Kiss: Send your love off in the morning with a quick kiss. As they turn to leave, pull them back for a more passionate kiss
  13. Ice Kiss: Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube and give a kiss that will send chills!
  14. Kissing in the Rain: Kiss under an umbrella in the rain. (or even without an umbrella)
  15. Lip Savor: Gently kiss your lover's top or bottom lip and then lick it before kissing.
  16. Morse Code Kiss: Using long and short kisses, spell out a message and have your love try to decipher them.
  17. Neck Kiss: Go behind her and move her hair out of the way. Then kiss and softly blow on her neck.
  18. No-Cal Kiss: kisses are low-calorie so they make a great dessert any time.
  19. On-Screen Kiss: When you are watching a movie, kiss the same way the actors kis.
  20. Open Eyes Kiss: Look at each other while kissing.
  21. Password Kiss: Every time you ask a questions you have to give a kiss before you get an answer.
  22. Stairwell Kiss: At a party or gathering, steal away to a private location like behind a door or on the stairwell and kiss.
  23. Toe Kiss: Nibble on your lover's toes and plant little kisses ever upwards, ever upwards...
  24. Unexpected Kiss: Give your love a kiss on the cheek for no good reason.
  25. Wake Up Kiss: Before your partner awakes, softly kiss their cheek and then their lips.
  26. Whisper Kisses: Give little kisses to your love's ears while whispering romantic things.
  27. Make Up Kisses: Give them a kiss for each bad thing that happened to them that day.
  28. Video Kiss: When you are apart send a video of yourself blowing kisses.
  29. Check Kiss: Write a check to them for 1,000 kisses. Tell them they can cash it any time.
  30. Drive-By Kiss: Walk by your partner and kiss them when they are not expecting it. Tell them they were a victim of a drive-by kissing.

The Kiss

(Sara Teasdale)

Before you kissed me only winds of heaven
Had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain--
Now you have come, how can I care for kisses
Like theirs again?

I sought the sea, she sent her winds to meet me,
They surged about me singing of the south--
I turned my head away to keep still holy
Your kiss upon my mouth.

And swift sweet rains of shining April weather
Found not my lips where living kisses are;
I bowed my head lest they put out my glory
As rain puts out a star.

I am my love's and he is mine forever,
Sealed with a seal and safe forevermore--
Think you that I could let a beggar enter
Where a king stood before?

Love's Philosophy

(Percy Bysshe Shelley)

See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven
If if disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea--
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss me not me?


There's a kiss to say I love you,
There's a kiss to say I care.
There's a kiss to prove our friendship,
There's a kiss for us to share.
There's a kiss to say its always,
There's a kiss to say its true.
But the kiss I loved most,
Was the kiss I got from you.

I Love You

(Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

I love your lips when they're wet with wine
And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the love light lies
Lit with a passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
Your kisses against my face.

Kisses Kept are Wasted

(Edmund Vance Cooke)

Kisses kept are wasted;
Love is to be tasted.
There are some you love, I know;
Be not loathe to tell them so.
Lips go dry and eyes grow wet
Waiting to be warmly met.
Keep them not in waiting yet;
Kisses kept are wasted.

One Kiss

(Lord Tennyson)

A man had given all other bliss,
And all his worldly worth for this,
To waste his whole heart in one kiss
Upon her perfect lips.

from This Kiss

(Faith Hill, written by Beth Neilen-Chapman, Robin Lerner and Annie Roboff.
© Puckalesia Songs / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing. From "Faith", © 1998, Warner Brothers.)

It's the way you love me,
It's a feeling like this.
It's centrifugal motion,
It's perpetual bliss.
It's that pivotal moment,
It's, ah, impossible.
This kiss, this kiss.
This kiss, this kiss.

Why Kissing Is Good for You

Just For Fun

KISSING METER KISSES: Turn a small box into your own kissing meter and wear it around your neck. Have an "expired" sign appear when you need another kiss.

EYE TEST KISS: Make an eye chart like the ones that you see in a doctor's office where the letters get progressively smaller. Have the last line of the chart read, "If you can read this you are close enough to kiss me."

                 ,.-'Y _^-,
            ,.-'^H E ,-^ ^-,\
     ,.-'^ R S ,.-^         \|
     \ H E ,.-^             k
      \,.-^                 i

Just Because He Kissed Me Goodnight!

(1950 song by Doris Day)

My baby kissed me good-night, and I am glad to relate
that by the time I got home, I was feeling great
I climbed up the door and opened the stairs.
I said my pajamas and put on my prayers.
I turned off the bed and crawled into the light.
and all because you kissed me goodnight.

Next morning, I woke and scrambled my shoes.
I shined up an egg, then I toasted the news,
I buttered my tie and took another bite.
and all because you kissed me goodnight.
By evening I felt normal, so we went out again.
You said, "Goodnight, " and kissed me.
I hurried home and then,
I climbed up the door and opened the stairs.
I said my pajamas and put on my prayers.
I turned off the bed and crawled into the light,
and all because you kissed me goodnight.
I powdered my hair and pinned up my nose.
I hung up the bath and I turned on my clothes.
I put out the clock and wound the cat up tight,
and all because you kissed me goodnight.

I ran up the shade and pulled down the stair.
I curled up the rug and I vacuumed my hair.
I just couldn't tell my left foot from my right,
and all because you kissed me goodnight.
By evening I felt normal, so we went out again.
You said, "Goodnight, " and kissed me.
I hurried home and then,
I lifted the preacher and called up the phone.
I spoke to the dog and I threw your Ma a bone.
'Twas mid-night and yet, the sun was shining bright.
and all because you kissed me goodnight.

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Songs about Kisses

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