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Choices for Men

If you choose a working woman, you have to accept that she can't handle the house full time.
If you choose a housewife who can take care of you and manage the home completely, you need to accept that she doesn't make money.
If you choose a submissive woman, you must accept that she depends on you.
If you choose to be with a brave woman, you must accept that she is tough and has thoughts of her own.
If you choose a beautiful woman, you have to accept expenses too.
If you choose to be with a great woman, you must accept that she is tough and firm.
No woman is perfect.
Each woman has her own 'good thing' that defines who she is and makes her unique.

Marriage Means Being in Love for the Rest of Your Life

(Chris Ardis)

Marriage is love walking hand in hand together. It's laughing with each other about silly little things, and learning to discuss big things with care and tenderness. In marriage, love is trusting each other when you're apart. It's getting over disappointments and hurts, knowing that these are present in all relationships. It is the realization that there is no one else in this world that you'd rather be with than the one you're married to. It's thinking of new things to do together; it's growing old together.
Marriage is being in love for the rest of your life.

Sentiments Album for Husband

I made up a sentiments album at Christmas time for a gift for my husband. The words are from a song on the "touched by an angel" CD.
Each phrase I put on a double page layout--I have some words on each page.

Page 1: You can have diamonds in your hand, have all the riches in the land, (old black and white photos of his family)
page 3: Without love do you really have a thing? When someone cares that you're alive, (L-side: wedding photo R-sister that is deceased)
page 5: When someone finds their world in your eyes, then you'll know you've found all you need.
(photos of us on vacations)
page 7: You'll hold this world's most priceless prize, The sweetest treasure in this life, (photos of husband and grandkids)
page 9: If you can look back and know you were loved.(photos of sunrise and sunset from vacations)
page 11: You are loved by someone, Touched by someone. (Photo of our cat, photo of exchange student)
page 13: Held by someone, Meant something to someone, (photo of him and daughter)
page 15: Loved somebody. Touched somebody's heart along the way. (Photos of friends from Russia)
page 17: You can look back and say, You were loved. (my glamour shot {LOL} and sons senior pic)
pages 19 to 23: Misc. family and friend photos that I wanted to include.
CMC Mary W.)

The Difference Between Romance and Love

(Marjorie Holmes)

The ABC's of Marriage

Absolutely adore each other
Be best friends
Discover new things together
Encourage each other
Forgive and Forget
Gaze into each other's eyes
Hold hands and hug a lot
Inspire and intrigue each other
Joke and laugh and have fun
Kiss, kiss, kiss
Love with all your hearts
Marvel at each other's talents
Nurture each other's souls
Overcome problems together
Play games together
Quiet each other's fears
Remember the little things
Say "I love you" every day
Take time for tenderness
Understand and care deeply
Value everything you share
Wish on stars together
X-press your true feelings
Yearn for each other's touch
Zzzzzz in each other's arms


Woman was created from the rib of man.
She was not made from his head to top him,
Nor made out of his feet, to be trampled on,
But out of his side to be equal to him;
Under his arm to be protected;
And near his heart to be loved.

To My Mr. Wonderful

Look what you got with me for a wife--
Bills to pay for the rest of your life.
Errands to run, dresses to zip,
Now and then a little lip.

Household chores--changing moods,
Sometimes strange, exotic foods.
But through it all, good times and bad
You've been the best husband a gal ever had.

A Husband Is...

On Hill Climbing

(Enola Chamberlin)

Hurriedly she climbed the hill,
Not that she needed exercise
of body--
Care of her house, her children,
her man,
Gave her that.
But because
She needed exercise of spirit.
She needed to break away,
Needed the challenge,
The excitement
Of doing something
Not to be experienced

In her day-by-day,
Her common place living
Of life.
And she found that though
On the far side distance
and far places
Beckoned her,
The sight of her house,
Snug beneath the elms,
The love for her children,
And her man,
Drew her back down the hill,
Her hill of adventure,
Much, much faster than she
had climbed it.

We Have Lived and Loved Together

(Charles Jeffreys)

We have lived and loved together
Through many changing years;
We have shared each other's gladness
And wept each other's tears;

I have known ne'er a sorrow
That was long unsoothed by thee;
For thy smiles can make a summer
Where darkness else would be.

Like the leaves that fall around us
In autumn's fading hours,
When the cloud of sorrow looms
And sadness on us showers;

And though many such we've known, love,
Too prone, alas, to range,
We both can speak of one love
Which time can never change.

We have lived and loved together
Through many changing years;
We have shared each other's gladness
And wept each other's tears.

And let us hope the future
As the past has been will be:
I will share with thee my sorrows,
And thou thy joys with me.

We Have Lived and Loved Together

(adapted from a poem by Charles Jeffreys )

We have lived and loved together through many changing years.
We have shared each other's gladness and wept each other's tears.
I have never known a sorrow that was long unsoothed by you
For your smile can bring the sunshine where darkness else would rule.

Like the leaves that fall around us in autumn's fading hours
When the cloud of sorrow looms and sadness on us showers,
Though many such we've known, love, and had to pay the cost
We both know of our one true love which time has never lost.

We have lived and loved together through many changing years.
We have shared each other's gladness and wept each other's tears.
Now let us hope the future as the past has been will be:
I will share my life with you, and you will share with me.

I Still Love You

(Lois Wyse)

It was such a pretty day we decided to take a walk,
And we had not gone ten steps before I knew
That you and I are long past the point of no return.

Hand in hand we go
Still close, still loving,
Still looking and over-looking
The flaws we hide from others.

Side by side we move,
Sometimes closer, sometimes farther apart
Because of ways we read and talk,
Agree and disagree.

Step by step we advance against the cynics,
Those all-knowings who honestly think
Marriage is dead.

But how can marriage be dead
In a world I choose to walk with you?
How can marriage be dead
So long as we still seek, still cling, still want each other?

So at this corner of your life,
Stop and listen to me now, my love,
I still seek,
I still cling,
I still want
To walk the rest of the way with you.

In this uncertain world
This much I know for certain:
I still love you.

To My Husband

Who looks across a crowded room
and knows with just a glance
The things my heart is feeling
in every circumstance?

Who holds me when I'm feeling blue
and listens to my woes,
Then hugs my heart with gentle words
until that feeling goes?

Who knows me by the things I say,
and more by what I hide,
But loves me with the promise
that he'll stay right by my side?

Who comforts and protects me,
no matter what life brings-
It's You, the man who fills my life
with a million happy things.

What is a Husband?

A husband is that special man
They you yourself picked out
As being nice to be around
And nice to thing about.

He's the one
Who has that special way
Of being dear and sweet,
The one who makes
Your life worthwhile,
Your happiness complete.

A husband
Makes you feel so proud
And glad to be his wife
That he and his love
Will always be
Your greatest joy in life.


(Barbara T. Grimes)

"What a shame," they said.
"And the two other girls are both
so pretty."
"Good thing she's smart," they said.
And she was smart.
When she grew up she married
a man who never saw her as less
than lovely.
By the time she'd loved him
for thirty-five years
she was beautiful.

Why I Love You

I love you, dear
For all you are
And everything you do,
For dreaming dreams
Along with me
And helping them come true.
I love you for
The happiness
You've brought into my life
I love you, dear
For you've made me
The world's happiest wife.


(Naomi Russell)

For years I've wondered why
you wouldn't let me give away
that old wool cardigan.
The shoulders sag,
the elbows bulge,
the edges fray,
and every time I wash it
it becomes a duller gray.

But then, today, when I was cold
I put it on
and all at once I knew
the reason that it holds so much
appeal for you.
I felt a kind of coziness
I hadn't felt before
and I was grateful for it . . .
and for something more:
I suddenly began
to realize how fortunate I was
to have a man
who holds to what he likes
and can't be tempted into trying
something new--
which may not be
as warm and satisfying.

Who But Me?

Who but me knows
You sleep on your left side
And wake on your right?

Who but me knows
You like to sing in the shower
And hum in the car?

Who but me knows
You like shirts no starch
And girls the same way?

Who but me knows
You complain about your back
And my cooking?

Who but me knows . . .

Katie Lee and Willie Gray

(Josie R. Hunt or J. H. Pixley)

Two brown heads with tossing curls,
Red lips shutting over pearls,
Bare feet, white and wet with dew,
Two eyes black, and two eyes blue;
Little girl and boy were they,
Katie Lee and Willie Grey.

They were standing where a brook,
Bending like a shepherd's crook,
Flashed its silver, and thick ranks
Of willow fringed its mossy banks;
Half in thought and half in play,
Katie Lee and Willie Grey.

They had cheeks like cherry red;
He was taller--'most a head;
She, with arms like wreaths of snow,
Swung a basket to and fro
As she loitered half in play,
Chattering to Willie Grey.

"Pretty Katie," Willie said--
And there came a dash of red
Through the brownness of his cheek--
"Boys are strong and girls are weak,
And I'll carry, so I will,
Katie's basket up the hill."

Katie answered with a laugh,
"You shall carry only half;"
And then, tossing back her curls,
"Boys are weak as well as girls."
Do you think that Katie guessed
Half the wisdom she expressed?

Men are only boys grown tall;
Hearts don't change much, after all;
And when, long years from that day,
Katie Lee and Willie Grey
Stood again beside the brook,
Bending like a shepherd's crook,

Is it strange that Willie said,
While again a dash of red
Crossed the brownness of his cheek,
"I am strong and you are weak;
Life is but a slippery steep,
Hung with shadows cold and deep.

"Will you trust me, Katie dear--
Walk beside me without fear?
May I carry, if I will,
All your burdens up the hill?
And she answered with a laugh,
"No, but you may carry half."

Close beside the little brook
Bending like a shepherd's crook,
Washing with its silver hands
Late and early at the sands,
Is a cottage, where today
Katie lives with Willie Grey.

In a porch she sits, and lo!
Swings a basket to and fro,
Vastly different from the one
That she swung in years agone.
This is long and deep and wide,
And has rockers at the side.

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