Most of these ideas can be modified for Motorcycles, Bicycles, Motocross, 4-Wheeling, Off-roading, Go-Karts, etc. Many things in the Car Racing file will also work for bike pages.

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Bicycle Quotes

Riding a Two-Wheeled Bike

I can't believe I'm doing this!
I'm riding on two wheels!
Why, it was only yesterday
My bike had training wheels!

My parent's said, "You're ready now."
"OK", I said, "I'll try."
My daddy ran and held the seat
While mommy said, "Let's fly!"

I'm peddling really fast now.
The wind is in my hair.
I feel as if I'm flying high
Two-wheeling through the air!

Two Wheels

I told you I won't. It's too hard.
I told you I can't. It's too hard.
Didn't I tell you?

My feet, they won't reach.
My hands, they won't steer.
It's too hard.

Watch out--I'm tipping.
Don't let go--I'm falling.
Please; I give up.

Not so fast, not so fast.
I don't like this.
Stop stop stop stop.

Hey, I can't stop.
Hey, I'm riding, I'm riding.
Hey hey hey hey hey.

Did you see me?
What did I tell you?
It was easy.

Different Bicycles

(Dorothy W. Baruch)

When I ride my bicycle
I pedal and pedal
Knees up, knees down.
Knees up, knees down.

But when the boy next door
Rides his,
It's whizz--
A chuck a chuck--

And away
He's gone
With his
Knees steady-straight
In one place . . .
His bicycle has
A motor fastened on.

Mother's Advice

Guy, seventeen years old, lives for cycling competitions. He trained hard in his cycling club, and the day came when he was to take part in his first real race. His parents went with him to the starting line, giving last-minute advice.
Suddenly, the starting signal was given. His mother shouted, "Guy, be careful! Don't go too fast!"

Songs about Bicycles

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Motorcycle Quotes

from Motorcycle Man


I can beat your street machine
We're taking risks, that's what we mean
'Cause I'm a motorcycle man.
We get our kicks just when we can
Motorcycle man.

If you see me riding by
Do not stop me, do not try
'Cause I'm a motorcycle man.
I get my kicks just when I can
Motorcycle man.

from Motorcycle Mama


Tell your Daddy and your Mama, too
You got something better to do
Than stick 'round the house the rest of your life
You're eighteen you can do what you like.
You'll be the queen of my highway
My motorcycle mama.
We'll see the world from my Harley

We'll get matching jackets and helmets, too
We'll get respect from the towns we ride through.
We'll sleep at the roadside in the soft green grass
And if the squares walk by we'll let them pass.
You'll be the queen of my highway
My motorcycle mama.
We'll see the world from my Harley . . .

If the chain don't break.

from Motorcycle Michael

(Jo Ann Campbell)

Hey Michael, hear what I said
I'm tired of lookin' at the back of your head
Sweet baby, you're the one I adore
But I ain't gonna ride two wheels no more.

Come on Michael, trade your motorcycle
And get yourself an automobile
We can't make love on a cycle Michael
Like we could in an automobile.

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Songs about Motorcycles

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