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Adult Birthdays

Just because you are no longer a child doesn't mean you have to stop celebrating your birthday. Don't think of it as celebrating being another year older, think of it as celebrating all good things that have happened along the way.

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Greeting Ideas

Belated Birthdays

Over the Hill

(Lona Hatfield)

Over the Hill and sliding down fast,
You knew being young just couldn't last.

Your back goes out, the eyes grow dim,
You can't hear over the background din.

Aches and pains are constant companions
You wear bigger shoes because of your bunions!

The memory is fading, names you forget
You really don't want to get older--and yet . . .

The slide down the other side of the hill
Can give you quite an invigorating thrill!

What to Count

(Emilie Barnes)

Don't count how many years
you've spent,
Just count the good
you've done;
The times you've lent
a helping hand,
The friends that you have won.

Count your deeds of kindness,
The smiles, not the tears;
Count all the pleasures
that you've had,
But never count the years.

All I Need to Know About Birthdays, I Learned from My Cat!

Un-Birthday Party

This party is for a milestone birthday such as forty or fifty. The point is to 'turn back the clock'. It could also be held a few months after a birthday because the person had a string of bad luck. Here are some suggestions:

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Specific Birthdays

Age Eighteen


Songs about Eighteen-Year-Olds

Age Nineteen


Songs about Nineteen-Year-Olds


Twenties Quotes

Twenties Songs


Thirties Quotes

Thirties Songs

Turning Thirty

(Sharon Yates Lyerly)

I dreamed of being sweet sixteen,
Then magic twenty-one,
But suddenly I'm twenty-nine
And seeing thirty come.
My babysitter calls me "ma'am"!
It makes me feel quite numb,
How can I think of me as old?
I've always been so YOUNG!

Once I could name the top ten songs
Played on the radio,
And now I turn the rock groups down
Or hunt for something slow.
Now there are lines around my eyes
I thought would never show,
And pounds that used to be above
My waist have sunk below.

The boy I worshiped in college
Now lies beside me snoring.
His middles thicker--so is mine,
And he's not so adoring.
He used to worship at my feet;
Now mostly he's ignoring.
I once clung to his every word;
Now sometimes he is boring.

I was depressed to see how fast
My youthful days could flee,
And then I met a fine old man.
His age was eighty-three.
His hair was white, his walk was slow,
And he could barely see.
He called me 'child' and said he wished
He was as young as me.


Forties Quotes

Forties Songs


Fifties Quotes


At 50, you become a Wise Older Woman, free to honor wrinkles, accept your body as is, and admit that aging isn't about losing youth, but about gaining wisdom.

Fifties Songs


Sixties Quotes

Sixties Songs


Seventies Quotes

Seventies Songs


Eighties Quotes

Eighties Songs


Today Dear Lord I am 80 and there's much I haven't done,
I hope Dear Lord, You'll let me live until I'm 81.
But then if I haven't finished all I want to do,
Would you let me stay awhile until I'm 82?
So many places I want to go, so very much to see,
Do You think You could manage to make it 83?
The world is changing very fast
There is much in store,
I'd like it very much to live until I'm 84.
And if by then I'm still alive,
I'd like to stay till 85.
More planes will be up in the air,
So I'd really like to stick,
And see what happens to the world when I am 86.
I know Dear Lord it's much to ask,
And it must be nice in heaven.
But I would really like to stay until I'm 87.
I know by then I won't be fast, and sometimes will be late,
But it would be so pleasant, to be around at 88.
I will have seen many things and had a wonderful time,
So, I'm sure that I'll be ready to leave at 89 . . . maybe.


Nineties Songs

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Album and Page Ideas

Birthday ABC Album

(Kathy M. did this as a gift for her son's 30th birthday. She used a Reflections album with one page per letter and three - five photos per page. The quote on the front page was: "I showed you the world through my eyes, now you show it to me through yours. And so we learn.")

A is for Automobiles (all the vehicles he's driven--including rickety go cart)
B is for Birthdays (just included five or six scattered over years)
C is for Costumes (hilarious - Halloween, preschoolers get-ups, etc.)
D is for Dad (first time Dad held him, graduation together, etc.)
E if for Easy (Taking it Easy - relaxed shots)
F is for Fun (playing with brother, etc.)
G is for Grant (his brother)
H is for Homes (his nursery, our first home, his first dorm room, first apt)
I is for Inventions (crazy stuff he made)
J is for Jen (love of his life)
K is for Kids I'm Related to (I already used C, so couldn't do "cousins")
L is for Lens (pictures of him taking pictures - he's a filmmaker)
M is for Mom
N is for Nice Goin' (snaps of sports, awards, ceremonies, etc.)
O is for Official Photos (these were studio portraits through the years)
P is Pets
Q is for Quiet Mornings-When the Information Highway was a Bike Path (his old paper route)
R is for Reading (from baby pictures through college - snaps of him reading)
S is for School (preschool through college)
T is for Teeth (first tooth lost, braces, etc.)
U is for Us (family pictures of all of us)
V is for Vacations
W is for Winter (we live in the south, so the snowman, ski snaps are rare!)
X is for Xmas
Y is for Your Grandparents (okay-I fudged on this, but I was desperate)
Z is for Zzzzzz's (pictures of him sleeping - hospital nursery, sleeping bags on floor, etc.)

Milestone Birthday Album

(based on an idea from Shawn G.)

I did a 80th birthday album for my grandmother last year as a surprise for her. I sent letters to her siblings, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and for anything they would like to contribute. I got some great stuff! Wonderful letters full of precious memories, my grandparent's wedding photo, photos of my dad when he was a boy, etc. I saved the envelopes, postmarks and stamps and made a 2-page spread with all the extra photos. Then I made a page for each relative that sent something - or a 2-page spread because if they sent a lot.

Sample letter:
Hello I'm Shawn, Alma's oldest granddaughter. I am going to put together a keepsake album as a surprise for Alma's 80th birthday this July. I put all of her photos into an album up to the year 1955 and gave it to her and Al as a Christmas gift. I will continue until all their photos are safe for years to come. I have had a lot of fun putting this together so far.
We were wondering if you could send photos, stories, special memories, etc that you have of Alma or Al. You can send a card or note to her that I will mount in her album. You can make copies of photos to send or send photos and I will make copies and return them if you wish. Please include information about photos you send as I'll be writing down who, what, where and when. Don't write on the photo itself--I will keep them with the info you send.
Here are some ideas to get you thinking. What is your favorite memory of Alma? Did she ever give you good advice? Do you have a favorite vacation memory of her? Did she say something funny that you'll never forget? Was there a certain tradition on holidays? Is there a poem that reminds you of her? What were some of her favorites as a girl - colors, stories, games, toys, clothes, songs? Was there something special that happened on her wedding day?
You can e-mail me any stories, poems or memories or send them to me in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. Remember this is a surprise!

Birthday Album page

I just made a 70th birthday album for my aunt. Here is one of the pages I did that turned out great.
I wrote her birthday in calligraphy at the top (could use stickers) then I wrote a little smaller "What things cost" under that I used the following stickers and wrote the cost of things when she was a child near the sticker:
antique car - car and gas prices
milk carton - milk price
slice of bread - bread price
stationary with feather pen - postage
I added house and average income without stickers.
In the middle of the page I put the President and the Vice President with a US flag sticker in between.
Bottom half - I listed academy award winners in a block with film strips stickers. Another block listed the top songs and artists with the music notes all around. I added one of the headlines from that year at an angle.

Info for a Birthday Page

Many times when doing a birthday page people like to include things that were happening when the person was born. There are a number of sites on the internet that have information. This information can also be used in heritage albums, anniversary pages and on birthday cards.

Year End Music Charts
Time Capsule (recent years)
History Channel
Historic Events and Birthdays

Birthday Page Ideas

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