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Flower - Holly (signifies celebration and prosperity)

Alternate Flowers - Poinsettia, Narcissus

Birthstone - Blue Topaz (signifies success and prosperity)

Alternate Birthstones - Turquoise, Zircon

Name Origin - December is Latin for tenth (it was originally the tenth month)

December 1

Christmas Lights Day - Even if you don't turn on your Christmas lights this early, it is still a good idea to put them up before it gets colder. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas and See Christmas Poems.

Dr. Pepper's Birthday - Dr. Pepper was invented by pharmacist Charles Alderton and first served in 1885.

Eat a Red Apple Day - The old saying goes 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Obviously, eating apples isn't going to guarantee perfect health but they definitely contribute to good nutrition and general good health.

Rosa Parks Day - On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. This was a huge boost to the civil rights movement.

National Weather Service Anniversary - Originally called the Weather Bureau, the National Weather Service was established in 1870. See Weather Poems and Quotes.

The Civil Air Patrol Anniversary - The Civil Air Patrol is an official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. It is a volunteer, non-profit organization. It was started in 1941. The main services they perform are emergency services, search and rescue, disaster relief, and aerospace education.

World AIDS Day

December 2

National Fritter Day - I have made corn fritters and apple fritters but there are many other kind. See these Fritter Recipes.

Coats for Kids Day - This is listed under many different dates. Most likely because many individual groups sponsor similar programs when the weather starts to get colder to gather winter coats for kids.

Play Basketball Day - The first basketball game was played with a soccer ball using peach baskets nailed on the walls for baskets. It was created by James Naismith. See Basketball Poems and Quotes.

Special Education Day - This is the anniversary of the signing of the first special education law by President Gerald Ford in 1975.

December 3

Let's Hug Day - Cuddle up and see Hug Poems and Quotes.

Make a Gift Day - Since it is not long until Christmas you should see Easy Homemade Gifts.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities - This was designated by the United Nations in 1992.

First Successful Heart Transplant Anniversary - The first successful human-to-human heart transplant was performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on this day in 1967 in Cape Town, South Africa. The patient died eighteen days later of pneumonia most likely caused by immunosuppressive drugs but the surgery was still considered a success because the heart was not rejected.

Illinois Admission Day - Illinois became the 21th state in 1818. See Illinois Poems and Quotes.

Beginning of Advent 2023 - Advent starts the fourth Sunday before December 25 and ends at sundown on December 24. See What is Advent? and Advent Ideas.

December 4

Santa's List Day - This is the date Santa starts looking closely at his 'naughty' and 'nice' lists. If you are still on the 'naughty' list you need to really be good from now until Christmas. See Christmas Fun.

Cookie Baking Day - It is much easier for one person to make several dozen of one kind of cookie than to make a few of several kinds of cookies. Get together with several friends or neighbors and agree which kind of cookie each of you will make. Then set a time to get together for the exchange. See Cookie Scrapbook Ideas.

Ribbons and Wrap Day - This is a good time to check your ribbon and wrapping paper supplies, instead of finding out the night before Christmas you don't have enough. See Christmas Gift Poems.

Dice Day - Dice have been discover by archaeologists that date back beyond 2000 BC. Dice were invented independently by many different civilizations. Many of the early dice were used for games but a few civilizations believed that the Gods controlled how the dice landed so were used to make serious decisions.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day - This was created in 2000 by QPC, Inc. It is a day to recognize teams that "consistently work extraordinarily well together to produce significant results for their companies or organizations."

Wear Brown Shoes Day - I am not sure the point of this day but if you have brown shoes today is a good reason to wear them. See Shoe Poems and Quotes.

December 5

National Tinsel Day - When I was a little girl we always used the loose tinsel that you hang strand by strand and I still prefer that. However, it is not safe for pets, especially cats, so now I use the kind that is woven into long 'ropes'.

Blue Jeans Day - I have worn blue jeans almost every day of my life and they are what I feel most like myself in. See Denim Poems and Quotes.

Communicate With Your Baby Day - Babies are amazing communicators if you take the time to pay attention. Be sure to watch you baby's expression and had movements as well as the sounds they make. Look directly at them when you talk and use gestures. See Baby Poems and Quotes.

National Sachertorte Day - See this Sachertorte Recipe.

International Volunteer Day - This was designated in 1985 by the United Nations to recognize the value of volunteers to society. See Volunteer Poems and Quotes.

Birthday of Walt Disney - Walt Disney was born on this day in 1901. See Amusement Park Poems and Quotes.

December 6

Give a Secret Gift Day - Do you know someone you would like to give a gift to without making them feel they need to give you one in return? Would you like to give a gift to someone who will not be getting many gifts this Christmas but don't want them to feel it is charity? Give them a gift from 'a secret pal'. See Gift Poem Ideas.

Saint Nicholas Day - Saint Nicholas died on this day in 346. He was known for secret gift giving. One of the legends about Saint Nicholas gave rise to the tradition of hanging stockings on Christmas eve.

Microwave Oven Day - I use my microwave several times a day, from everything to reheating leftovers to baking a sweet potato.

National Gazpacho Day

Mitten Tree Day - When my girls were young their schools often had mitten trees (usually they took hats, gloves and scarves as well). This can also be done a work. Put up a tree early in December and hang the mittens on it as people bring them. Have someone designated to donate them shortly before the holiday. See Mitten Poems and Quotes.

National Bad Hair Day - This is the one day of the year you can celebrate your bad hair. See Hair Poems and Quotes.

Pawnbrokers Day - On this day pawnbrokers donate musical instruments to Boys and Girls Clubs.

December 7

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - On this day in 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which brought the U.S. into WWII. See Veteran Poems and Quotes.

Hang a Wreath Day - Nice wreaths can be expensive so why not try making your own wreath? See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Letter Writing Day - This is a busy time of year and it is tempting to send cards or e-cards without personal greetings. However, a hand-written letter from a loved one is worth more than even the prettiest card. See Written Communication Poems and Quotes.

National Cotton Candy Day - The only time I have ever eaten cotton candy is at the state fair, which is in September so not sure why this date was chosen. See CottonCandy.net.

National Fire Safety Day - The National Fire Safety Council was founded on this day in 1979. See Fire Safety Tips and Firefighter Poems and Quotes.

Christmas Seals® Day - The first Christmas Seals® were sold on this day in the U.S. in 1907.

Civil Aviation Day - This was established in 1994 by the International Civil Aviation Organization. See Aviation Poems and Quotes.

Delaware Admission Day - Delaware became the first state in 1787. See Delaware Poems and Quotes.

Hanukkah 2023 (from sunset today through Dec 15) - See Hanukkah on WikipediA.

December 8

National Brownie Day

Winter Flowers Day - There are several different kinds of flowers you can grow inside to have blooms in the winter. Examples: African violets, amaryllis, begonias, calla lily, Christmas cactus, primrose, kalanchoe, orchid, and poinsettia. See Flower Poems and Quotes.

Birthday of Eli Whitney - Inventor, Eli Whitney, was born on this day in 1765. One of his most important inventions was the cotton gin which played a big part in the industrial revolution.

Anniversary of John Lennon's murder - On this day in 1980 singer, musician and songwriter, John Lennon, was shot by deranged fan Mark David Chapman.

December 9

Homemade Gift Day - If you plan to give homemade gifts this year you need to start right away. Almost everyone is happy to get homemade breads, cookies and candy. See Gift Poem Ideas.

Mail Your Cards Day - Now is the time to mail your holiday cards. There are people who are embarrassed to get a card from someone they didn't send one to. If you mail your cards now they will have plenty of time to send one to you. See Recycling Christmas Cards.

National Pastry Day - See Pastry Recipes.

Ball-bearing Roller Skates Day - Ball-bearing roller skates were patented on this day in 1884. See Skating Poems and Quotes.

December 10

Dewey Decimal Day - Melvil Dewey, librarian and founder of the Dewey Decimal system, was born on this day in 1851.

Birthday of Emily Dickinson - Poet, Emily Dickinson, was born on this day in 1830.

Nobel Prize Awards Day - The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901.

Human Rights Day - Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights in 1948.

Woman's Rights in Wyoming Day - On this day in 1869 Wyoming Territory decided to allow women to vote and hold office.

Mississippi Admission Day - Mississippi became the 20th state in 1817. See Mississippi Poems and Quotes.

National Children's Memorial Day 2023 (second Sunday) - See Compassionate Friends and Children Memorial Albums.

December 11

Hi Neighbor Day - Things get busy over the holidays, so take some time to relax today and ask a neighbor over for coffee.

National Noodle Ring Day - I made a noodle ring once. It was a lot of work and the results didn't look very good. However, it tasted great. See this Noodle Ring Recipe.

National Knitters Day - Right about now knitters are working to finish up a special gift for a lucky loved one.

International Mountain Day - This was designated by the United Nations in 2003. The purpose is to recognize the importance of mountains to life. See Mountain Poems and Quotes.

UNICEF Anniversary - Established in 1946, the United Nations Children's Fund was originally called the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund and that is where the acronym UNICEF comes from.

Indiana Admission Day - Indiana became the 19th state in 1816. See Indiana Poems and Quotes.

National Children's Memorial Day 2022 (second Sunday) - See Compassionate Friends and Children Memorial Albums.

Gingerbread House Day (also celebrated November 10) - This is also known as 'Eat Yourself Out of House and Home Day'. See Gingerbread House Fun.

Ding-a-Ling Day - Invite all your slightly off-the-wall friends over for a party. Use Chuck Barry's song as background music. You are sure to have a fun time.

National Poinsettia Day - This was designated by Congress in memory of Joel Roberts Poinsett who introduced the Mexican plant to the U.S.

Golf Tee Day - A golf tee similar to what is used today was patented on this day in 1899 in the U.S. by dentist George Franklin Grant. See Golf Poems and Quotes.

Pennsylvania Admission Day - Pennsylvania became the second state in 1787. See Pennsylvania Poems and Quotes.

National Children's Memorial Day 2021 (second Sunday) - See Compassionate Friends and Children Memorial Albums.

December 13

National Cocoa Day - Most people today use mixes for their cocoa but making your own takes very little time. For each one cup serving I mix one teaspoon cocoa with one tablespoon sugar. Stir in two tablespoons water and heat, stirring, until almost boiling. Stir in one cup milk and heat until desired temperature. You can add marshmallows or vanilla extract. See Chocolate Poems and Quotes.

Day of the Horse - This was designated in 2004 by the Senate. See Horse Scrapbook Ideas.

Saint Lucy's Day - Saint Lucy represents the promise of light in the midst of the darkness of winter. This is also known as Little Yule.

Violin Day - See Musical Instrument Poems and Quotes.

Bicycle Built for Two Day - In many places it is too cold to be out biking today. But if you live where the weather is warm this is a good idea for a romantic outing. See Biking Poems and Quotes.

Clip-On Tie Day - To the great relief of many men the clip-on tie was invented on this day in 1928.

December 14

Buy a Tree Day - Find a nearby tree farm where you can cut your own tree. This makes a fun family outing if you keep in mind that trees look about half the size outside. If that is not possible I wouldn't put up a real tree until a few days before Christmas because they dry out so fast. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Deck the Halls Day - You probably already have a lot of decorations up but today is the time to go all out. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Email Tag Day - See Email Poems and Quotes.

Opposites Attract Day - Get together with friends and family members that you love but who are very different from you in many ways. (Maybe make the subject of politics off-limits.)

National Bouillabaisse Day

Birthday of Shirley Jackson - Author, Shirley Jackson, was born on this day in 1919. One of her most well known stories is The Lottery. I was required to read it in a college class and, although it was quite interesting and well-written, I still don't know if I am glad I read it or not. See Quotes about Authors.

American Revolution Anniversary - The first military operation of the American Revolution took place at Portsmouth, New Hampshire on this day in 1774. See Patriotism Poems and Quotes.

International Shareware Day (second Saturday) - Thank all those software programmers who share their talents to improve the work of computing. Please register your shareware if you continue using it.

South Pole Day - The first people to reach the south pole was on this day in 1911. The leader of the group was Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Alabama Admission Day - Alabama became the 22nd state in 1819. See Alabama Poems and Quotes.

December 15

National Lemon Cupcake Day

Sleep Comfort Day - See The Better Sleep Council. Also see Sleep Scrapbook Ideas.

Bill of Rights Day - The Bill of Rights was ratified on this day in 1791. The Bill of Rights set limits on the powers of the Federal government and protects our personal liberties. See Patriotism Poems and Quotes.

Underdog Day 2023 (third Friday) - This was created in 1976 to celebrate unsung heroes such as Sherlock Holmes' Dr. Watson or Robinson Crusoe's Man Friday. I am not sure why this name was chosen because an 'underdog' usually refers to someone who is expected to lose a competition.

December 16

National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day - See Chocolate Poems and Quotes.

Birthday of Beethoven - Ludwig van Beethoven was born on this day in 1770. See Music Poems and Quotes.

Boston Tea Party - On this day in 1773, Boston colonists boarded three ships and threw the cargo of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the taxes on tea. See Patriotism Poems and Quotes.

Underdog Day 2022 (third Friday) - This was created in 1976 to celebrate unsung heroes such as Sherlock Holmes' Dr. Watson or Robinson Crusoe's Man Friday. I am not sure why this name was chosen because an 'underdog' usually refers to someone who is expected to lose a competition.

December 17

Cookie Cutter Day - See Cookie Scrapbook Ideas.

Maple Syrup Day

Color TV Anniversary - On this day in 1953 the first television programs in color were broadcast. To let people know how good color TV was some stations send out plastic overlays of colored pictures. At a certain time each each they would put a black and white picture on the screen and you would put the plastic on the screen to see how much better it looked in color.

Wright Brothers' First Flight Anniversary - On this day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903, the Wright brothers attained the first powered, piloted flight in history. It lasted twelve seconds. See Aviation Poems and Quotes.

Underdog Day 2021 (third Friday) - This was created in 1976 to celebrate unsung heroes such as Sherlock Holmes' Dr. Watson or Robinson Crusoe's Man Friday. I am not sure why this name was chosen because an 'underdog' usually refers to someone who is expected to lose a competition.

December 18

Find a Friend, Be a Friend Day - Go out of your way to get to know your neighbors and acquaintances better. You never know which might be your friend. Don't forget your old friends. If you know someone who needs a hand or a listening ear take time for them as well. See Friendship Poems.

Nutcracker Ballet Anniversary - The Nutcracker was first performed in 1892 in Russia. See Ballet Poems and Quotes.

Hug a Soccer Player Day - See Soccer Poems and Quotes.

Play Bingo Day - Bingo was invented in 1929. See Bingo Poems and Quotes.

New Jersey Admission Day - New Jersey became the third state in 1787. See New Jersey Poems and Quotes.

Hanukkah 2022 (from sunset today through Dec 26) - See Hanukkah on WikipediA.

December 19

Build a Snowman Day - If the weather doesn't cooperate you can always make snowmen out of paper or marshmallows and toothpicks. See Snowman Poems and Quotes.

Chocolate Pizza Day

Oatmeal Muffin Day

A Christmas Carol Anniversary - Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol on this day in 1843.

December 20

Go Caroling Day - Get together with friends, family or a church group to go caroling. Nursing homes, children's homes and other places often welcome carolers if you call ahead. You can also just carol around your neighborhood. When I was a little girl caroling was common and many people passed out cookies and hot chocolate as we went from house to house. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Dot Your I's With Smileys Day

Games Day - When it is cold outside it is a good time to play board games or card games with friends and family. See Game Poems and Quotes.

Sacagawea Day - Sacagawea was a Native American woman who acted as a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition from 1805-06. She died on this day in 1912 at the age of twenty-four.

December 21

Crossword Puzzle Anniversary - The first crossword puzzle was published in a newspaper on this day in 1913. It was created by Arthur Wynne. See Puzzle Scrapbook Ideas.

Look on the Bright Side Day - This is the day with the least amount of daylight so make your own brightness by counting your blessings.

Flashlight Day - Test the batteries in all your flashlights, including the one in your car.

Forefathers Day - The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. See Patriotism Poems and Quotes.

Snow White Anniversary - Snow White premiered on this day in 1937.

Winter Solstice 2021 and 2022 - This is the shortest day of the year and marks the first day of winter. It is always between the 20th and 22nd.

California Kiwifruit Day 2021 and 2022 (first day of winter)

First Day of Winter 2021 and 2022 - Before we used the official solstice date as the first day of winter it was always celebrated on the twenty-first. See Winter Poems and Quotes.

December 22

Christmas Tree Light Day - Thomas Edison created the first string of Christmas lights and used them to decorate his lab in 1880. His friend, Edward H. Johnson created a string of lights to use on his Christmas tree in 1882. It was many years before electric lights on trees became common. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

National Date Nut Bread Day

National Haiku Poetry Day - See some Haiku Poems.

Abilities Day - This day honors disabled people and their caregivers. It is also a time to recognize that we all have abilities and disabilities of various kinds.

U.S. Golf Association Anniversary - The U.S. Golf Association was founded in 1894. See Golf.com and Golf Scrapbook Ideas.

Thermometer Birthday - Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first practical thermometer in 1714. He introduced the Fahrenheit scale in 1724.

Winter Solstice 2023 - This is the shortest day of the year and marks the first day of winter. It is always between the 20th and 22nd.

California Kiwifruit Day 2023 (first day of winter)

First Day of Winter 2023 - Before we used the official solstice date as the first day of winter it was always celebrated on the twenty-first. See Winter Poems and Quotes.

December 23

Festivus - This was created in 1966 but little-known until mentioned in a Seinfeld episode in 1997. It is dedicated to celebrating without the pressure and commercialism of traditional holidays. See Festivus.

National Popcorn Popping Day - Make popcorn in a pan instead of the microwave. Using the fireplace would be even better. See The Popcorn Board and Popcorn Poems.

Roots Day - When you visit relatives over the holidays it would be a good time to gather information about your family history. See Genealogy Poems and Quotes.

HumanLight Celebration - This holiday celebrates the vision of a future with people working together "toward a happy, just and peaceful world". See HumanLight.

Economists Day - I don't know why this is economists day, except maybe right about now most of us need the advice of an economist.

Federal Reserve System Anniversary - The Federal Reserve System was established in 1913.

December 24

Christmas Eve - See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Silent Night Anniversary - On this day in 1818 teacher and musician Franz Gruber created a melody and guitar accompaniment for a poem that had been written by his friend Father Joseph Mohr. The result was Silent Night.

Eggnog Day - I am not sure why so many people buy pre-made eggnog when it is so easy to make--and homemade tastes so much better. Here is how my family likes it: Heat 1/4 cup water to boiling in the microwave. Stir in 1/2 cup sugar to dissolve. Add 1/2 tablespoon vanilla. Let cool for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour in 2 quart pitcher and stir in 1 cup Eggbeaters, 2 cups fat free half and half, and 5 cups skim milk. Chill before serving. (You can easily change this to your taste by adding more or less vanilla, or adding a little nutmeg or rum flavoring. You can substitute whole milk for the skim milk and half and half.

Last Minute Shopper's Day - If you wait til today to do your shopping there is a very good chance that what you buy will end up being returned. So maybe you should settle for a gift card.

Phonograph Patent Day - A patent for the phonography was filed by Thomas Edison on this day in 1877. See Music Poems and Quotes.

Apollo 8 Moon Orbit Anniversary - On this day in 1968 Apollo 8 reached the moon and orbited it ten times over twenty hours. This was the first time humans left the earth's orbit. The three astronauts aboard were the first people to directly view the far side of the moon.

December 25

Christmas - See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

Christmas Parade Day - The first live telecast of the Christmas Parade was in 1983.

Nativity Scene Anniversary - In 1223, Saint Francis of Assisi assembled the first known nativity scene.

Pumpkin Pie Day - This is also celebrated November 21.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Birthday - On this day in 1939 Montgomery Ward introduced Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Richard Starkey Day - On this day in 1959 Richard Starkey received his first drum set as a Christmas gift. He went on to become Ringo Starr, one of the most famous drummers of all time.

December 26

Kwanzaa - Kwanzaa was created in 1966 to honor African heritage. It starts today and goes through January 1. See Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa Scrapbook Ideas.

Boxing Day - This is celebrated in many mostly English speaking countries in a variety of ways. It is often a day of giving to the needy and service people.

Candy Cane Day - Today you can start eating all those candy canes you have been using for decoration.

Percolator Anniversary - On this day in 1865, James Mason or Massachusetts was awarded the first U.S. patent for a coffee percolator. See Coffee Poems and Quotes.

Recyclable Packaging Day - Gather up all the paper, cardboard, and other recyclables left from your holiday celebrations and take it for recycling. See Recycling Christmas Cards.

National Whiners Day - During the after holiday letdown it is normal to feel negative. So go ahead and whine about the gifts you didn't like, how much you went over your budget, how tired you are, how ungrateful others are, etc. Even better get together with others and have a group whine. Once you get it out of your system you'll feel better.

Thank You Note Day - It's a good idea to write thank you notes shortly after you receive a gift. If you put it off it might not get done. See Gratitude Poems and Quotes.

December 27

National Fruitcake Day - You might as well throw that fruitcake out right now instead of storing it for several months and then throwing it out.

Make Paper Snowflakes Day - This is a great activity for children getting bored during Christmas break.

Visit the Zoo Day - Many zoos have discounted tickets during cold weather. See The Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Zoo Poems and Quotes.

December 28

Call a Friend Day - If there is a friend you didn't happen to see during holiday activities, call them today just to say hello. See Friendship Quotes and Phone Poems and Quotes.

National Card Playing Day - Learn some new card games or play your old favorites. See Card Playing Poems and Quotes.

Chewing Gum Day - Chewing gum was around for many years in various forms but was first patented on this day in 1869 by William Finley Semple. See Chewing Gum Poems and Quotes.

Eat Vegetarian Day - I am definitely not a vegetarian but every so often I have a meat-free dinner. It's probably good for me and the earth but I couldn't do it very often. See Vegetable Poems and Quotes.

Return-Your-Gifts Day - By now the lines of people returning gifts should be a little shorter. If you don't return your gifts now it is probably they will be pushed back and forgotten.

Pledge of Allegiance Day - In 1892 a Boston magazine published some words written by Francis Bellamy for students to repeat on October 12 (Columbus Day) that year. Those words, "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands - one nation indivisible - with liberty and justice for all" soon became known as the Pledge of Allegiance. In 1923, the words "the Flag of the United States" replaced "my flag". On this day in 1945 Congress officially recognized the Pledge of Allegiance. In 1954 the words "under God" were added. See Patriotism Poems and Quotes.

Anniversary Of Poor Richard's Almanac

Iowa Admission Day - Iowa became the 29th state in 1846. See Iowa Poems and Quotes.

Birthday of President Woodrow Wilson (born in 1856) - He was the twenty-eighth president.

December 29

Ice Skating Day - See Skating Poems and Quotes.

Bowling Ball Day - A wooden modern-style bowling ball was invented in 1862. See Bowling Poems and Quotes.

Texas Admission Day - Texas became the 28th state in 1845. See Texas Poems and Quotes.

Birthday of President Andrew Johnson (born in 1808) - He was the seventeenth president.

No Interruptions Day 2023 (last business day) - In a lot of jobs there are many last minute things that need to be finished up. Help your coworkers by not interrupting them today.

December 30

Take a Walk Day - Most of us only think of taking walks when the weather is warm. However, if you bundle up a winter walk can be quite enjoyable. See Fitness Poems and Quotes.

National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Monkees Birthday - Two members of the Monkees were born on this day. Davy Jones in 1945 and Michael Nesmith in 1942.

Roy Rogers TV Show Anniversary - The Roy Rogers Show premiered on this day in 1951.

No Interruptions Day 2022 (last business day) - In a lot of jobs there are many last minute things that need to be finished up. Help your coworkers by not interrupting them today.

December 31

New Year's Eve - See New Year Poems and Quotes.

Make Up Your Mind Day - If you have a lot of decisions you have been putting off, make up your mind today. Write down your decisions and let them go. You don't want to start the new year with a lot of leftover indecisiveness.

One Voice Day - Sometimes one voice can be just enough to make a difference. This would be a good day to read Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who.

World Peace Meditation Day - This was created in 1986. It is time for people from all countries to meditate about peace. See Peace Poems and Quotes.

Universal Hour of Peace - This starts at 11:30 p.m. today and ends at 12:30 a.m. January 1. It is a time to recognize the connectedness of all peoples and find ways to realize our common dream of peace. See Peace Poems and Quotes.

No Interruptions Day 2021 (last business day) - In a lot of jobs there are many last minute things that need to be finished up. Help your coworkers by not interrupting them today.

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Month-Long Events

Stress-Free Family Holidays Month - See Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday.

Holly Month

Get to Know Your Neighbors Month - See Who Are My Neighbors for ideas on getting to know your neighbors. You might also like to join Nextdoor. You can connect to people in your area and quickly get recommendations for a new doctor, vet, handyman or anything else you need.

Write to a Friend Month - Instead of buying holiday cards buy holiday stationary and write your own message. Even a brief personal message means more than the most expensive card. If you do a few each week starting after Thanksgiving it won't seem like a big project. See Friendship Quotes.

Bingo Month - See Bingo Poems and Page Toppers.

Read a New Book Month - Most libraries and bookstores have sections for new books. See The National Book Foundation and Book Poems and Quotes.

Tie Month - See Neckties on Wikipedia.

Closed Caption TV Month - See The History of the Closed-Captioning.

Learn a Foreign Language Month

Sign Up for Summer Camp Month - See The American Camp Association. Some popular summer camps fill up fast. It may be a little too early to sign up but not too early to do research about camps.

Art And Architecture Month - See Art and Architecture® Magazine.

Calendar Awareness Month - See History of the Calendar.

Universal Human Rights Month - See Human Rights on Wikipedia.

Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month

Write a Business Plan Month - See My Own Business™.

Safe Toys and Gifts Month - See Choosing Safe Toys.

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month - See Impaired Driving.

Tie One on For Safety® - This started as Project Red Ribbon in 1986 by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. It starts on Thanksgiving and ends on December 31st.

Hearing Impairment Awareness Month

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Week-Long Events

Christmas Tree Week
(first week)
Take photos of your trip to find the perfect tree. See Christmas Scrapbook Ideas.

National Cookie Cutter Week
(first week)
See the Cookie Cutter Collectors Club and Cookie Scrapbook Ideas.

Tolerance Week
(first week)
Understanding how alike we all are despite outward differences is a big step towards tolerance. See Tolerance Poems and Quotes.

National Aplastic Anemia and MDS Awareness week
(first week)
See The Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation, Inc.

National Hand Washing Awareness week
(first full week)
With all the togetherness during the holidays, this is a good time to stress the importance of hand washing in preventing the spread of germs. See Henry the Hand.

Over Tip Your Waitstaff Week
(second week)
We can all use extra money this time of year, especially those who don't make much money to begin with.

Tell Someone They're Doing a Good Job Week
(third week)
Everyone likes to hear they are doing a good job.

Thank a Soldier Week
(19 - 25)
See Military Scrapbook Ideas.

Lipstick Week
(fourth week)
Experiment with some of that new lipstick you got for Christmas.

It's About Time Week
If there are still things you meant to do this year, it's time to get started. See Time Poems and Quotes.

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